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The Terms Which Are Important for Lawyers - Assignment Example

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The paper "The Terms Which Are Important for Lawyers" presents the meanings of different terms concerning law such as contract law, the law of tort, criminal law, the law of confidence, Software Copyright Law, patent law, rights of the data subject and others. …
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The Terms Which Are Important for Lawyers
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Download file to see previous pages Criminal defences – possible in the case when an individual can provide evidence of his not intending to perform the act. Such can be when there is a mistake, insanity, intoxication or compulsion while performing the act.
The law of tort – tort means wrong. The law is for an action for damages (money compensation), to compensate the sufferers due to another’s actions. In the case of no damages, there is an injunction. Several of the crimes cause wrong or harm and so can be called torts.
Contract law – the contract is a legally enforceable agreement. When a party does not comply with the terms of the contract they breach the contract. Two types of terms in contracts = warranties and conditions. Normally the remedy is to be compensated as money and this is called damages. Only parties to a contract can sue upon it.
Intellectual Property – legal rights that protect creative works, inventions and commercial goodwill. Consist of: copyright, patents, trademarks, the law of confidence, passing off, design rights, semiconductor regulations.
Copyright Law – protects publishers following a technological advance. Provides owners with special rights to publish, perform, broadcast, adapt or copy the whole or a major portion of a creation, for a particular period of time. It protects just the expression of an idea and not the idea itself.
Patent Law – gives the owner the exclusive right in an invention (such as a new type of computer hardware); this means that the owner has a monopoly in this creation for long. To obtain a patent the creation has to be new; has to involve an original step; has the capability of being applied industrially; So computer programs can be protected by patent indirectly if they are part of an application which includes other elements patentable in their own right. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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