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Conviction and Fine for Allowing the Secret Patient's Data - Case Study Example

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The study “Conviction and Fine for Allowing the Secret Patient's Data” analyzes the verdict of the doctor who prescribed the antihypertensive drug for the patient, succumbing to the latter's persuasion. The case was made public, so the doctor fell under the scope of the Data Protection Act…
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Conviction and Fine for Allowing the Secret Patients Data
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Extract of sample "Conviction and Fine for Allowing the Secret Patient's Data"

Download file to see previous pages Sam informed Dr. Smith that he had heard about a wonder drug called “BPLow” and that he wanted to be prescribed this medication. Dr. Smith, realizing that BPLow was a drug that the local Primary Care Trust had put on a list as being “only for use in the case of exceptional personal or clinical need”, at first refused to prescribe the drug. This made Sam very angry and caused an argument. Sam banged his fist on the table and shouted at Dr. Smith. “Why can’t you people just do your job and just give people like me what they need? If you don’t write me a prescription, I am going to complain to the Ombudsman about you!”. Dr. Smith ignored Sam. He turned his back on him and started washing his hands in the wash basin and humming “Que Sera Sera…” Sam decided that he was not going to leave the Dr’s room until he got what he wanted. 
Sam noticed an open medical file on Dr. Smith’s desk with the name of “Gigi” typed on it. Gigi was a television soap celebrity and was well known as the actress who played the barmaid in “Coronation Street”. I’ll show him, he thought, and Sam slipped the file under his coat. After five minutes of getting nowhere, Dr. Smith a busy GP who lived on his nerves became rather agitated and picked up a tray of urine samples that were ready for despatch to the local hospital pathology laboratory. “I am going to go and see the medical secretaries…. when I get back, I expect you to be gone!”. As Dr. Smith walked towards the office door he tripped, dropping the tray of samples and spilling human fluid all over Sam’s hair and clothing. Sam was incensed and disgusted and stood up to face Dr. Smith. “I’m going to deck you for that!” he said. The Dr, realizing Sam’s size, quickly calmed things down by saying, “Oh, I am so sorry…. I did not mean to do that. I will pay for your dry cleaning and here, let me prescribe you some BPLow to help you with your condition.” Sam calmed down and left the surgery with his prescription. Before he left the surgery, Sam read through Gigi’s file and placed it on the receptionist’s desk when she was not looking. On the way home, Sam felt unwell. He sat down on a park bench for a rest but collapsed. A passer-by telephoned for an ambulance. Sam was rushed to the Stockwood Hospital, but on arrival was left on a trolley bed in the hospital hallway for six hours before being attended to by a hospital Doctor. 
Sam has since returned home to find that he has been removed from his local GP’s patient list. He has also received a letter from the local Primary Care Trust stating that he will not be allowed any further BPLow medication because it is “only for use in the case of exceptional personal or clinical need”. Sam wants to know what can be done about this and about Dr. Smith. Sam also wants to complain about his treatment on his arrival at the hospital. Sam informs you that he has since sold a story to the Daily Snoop about the sexually transmitted disease suffered by Gigi, the “Coronation Street” soap star. He has told you that he gained the information from reading Gigi’s medical file at the Elms surgery. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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