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The Eternity of Freuds Theory: the Traits of Criminality - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the theories of Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud that have opened a new horizon in the field of personality theories and their development. An individual always strives to attain selfhood. The selfhood is nothing but a perfect balance between the conscious and unconscious mind…
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The Eternity of Freuds Theory: the Traits of Criminality
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Extract of sample "The Eternity of Freuds Theory: the Traits of Criminality"

Download file to see previous pages Jung says that personal unconscious consists of those aspects that are not accepted by the society. If a person fails to attain the selfhood, then he starts depending over his personal unconscious mind and that initiates his criminal behaviour. Sigmund Freud, perhaps the most important figure among other creators of personality theories takes another step ahead of Carl Jung and he divides a human mind into three parts, Conscious, Preconscious and Unconscious. According to Freud conscious mind deals with the external or the apparently real world and the preconscious mind is constituted of those materials that are easily carried into the conscious mind. But, Freud gives most emphasis to the unconscious mind and traces out certain features of the unconscious mind, such as it does not follow any logical approach due to its unorganized nature. The unconscious mind cannot distinguish between time and the core premise of such a mind is dependent over Pleasure Principle. Like Carl Jung’s personal unconscious, the unconscious mind is always engaged in continuous conflict with the social norms and it acts the main ‘source of motivation’ for an individual. Freud’s theory, from a very simplistic level, can be explained in terms of conflict between ‘Id’ (“cauldron of seething expectations”/instincts) and ‘Ego’ (capability to deal with the external world). Freud thinks that when in the battle between Ego and Id, the later triumphs over the previous, immediately the seeds of criminal behaviour germinate in the human psychology. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Eternity of Freuds Theory: The Traits of Criminality Research Paper.
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