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The Significance of the DREAM Act of Texas - Term Paper Example

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The paper "The Significance of the DREAM Act of Texas" deals with the contradictory views arising within Texas concerning the Act, the importance for the state government to better its communication system, and implement better techniques to bring fairness within the justice system…
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The Significance of the DREAM Act of Texas
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Extract of sample "The Significance of the DREAM Act of Texas"

Download file to see previous pages DREAM Act is fundamentally legislation ruled on Taxes, as applicable in the US to prevent exploitation of immigrant children from being deprived of the basic amenities essential for a healthy life in the modern phenomenon, implemented with the code SB1819. It was initially sponsored by Texas senators, including Tom Creighton, Lois Kolkhorst, and Donna Campbell. Taking into concern the social need for welfare, with the rising numbers of undocumented immigrants, this legislation was enacted (Escalante, “Fight for the Texas Dream Act Continues”). Undoubtedly, Texas and its social features have a considerably important role to play in the improvisation of the Act, triggering a series of favoring as well as opposing social movements throughout the US. DREAM Act was developed for the purpose of rectifying discrimination of undocumented immigrant children from their educational rights. The primary objectives of this Act have thereafter been emphasizing the legalization of the overall status of undocumented immigrant children residing in Texas (Nakamura, Costa, and Fahrenthold, “Obama announces immigration overhaul shielding 4 million from deportation”). Undoubtedly though, the enactment of the stated legislation had to face many conflicts and hindrances owing to its supposed limitations concerning registration of the undocumented immigrant children and the allocation of national resources to suffice their needs. In order to mitigate these limitations, the various conditions noted to come under the DREAM Act emphasized that immigrant children entering the country must be at an age of 15 years at least to obtain the benefit and get registered in the public schools of Texas. Besides, the children should have sufficient proof regarding their presence within the nation for a minimum of five years (Escalante, “Fight for the Texas Dream Act Continues”). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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