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In the paper “Offenders Reentry in the Community” the author focuses on the process of offenders reentry into the community upon completion of their sentence. Community initiated reentry programs are designed to assist in a successful transition from prison to community life…
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Offenders Reentry in the Community
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Personal Prewriting Essay al Affiliation) The process of offenders re entry into the community upon completion of their sentence is challenging not only to the offender but also to the community at large. Community initiated reentry programs are therefore designed to assist in a successful transition from prison to community life (Delanty, 2013). The support for reentry programs for incarcerated individuals by the community will result in crime reduction in the streets. The previously incarcerated individuals through these programs will be able to secure employment, housing and reconciliation with their family or the community at large (Delanty, 2013). Therefore, through securing the immediate needs and acceptance the community will be protected from the high rate of recidivism especially for drug offenses meaning a safer community.
The most influential person in my life is the United States of America president Barrack Obama. Barrack Obama is passionate, enthusiastic and focuses on giving humanity the foremost priority in service to the American people and beyond. Obama is influential because through the belief of service to the community being a personal responsibility and supporting community programs effort for a better America and the world at large.
Through attending community service programs that are available in our neighborhood mainly addressing drug users who want to undergo rehabilitation change my life. The programs were important because opened up the real experiences of the people and families that are affected by drug or drug related problems causing a tremendous impact in my life. After undergoing these programs, I got the actual first hand effect of drug from the people we interacted with alongside the victims families.
Hercules in the Greek mythology is comparable to me in terms of the source of our drive to serving our community. The character of willingness and dedication to serve without expecting reward for our action is common when it comes to my community endeavors. Hercules stand amidst resistance by the people he was serving assists a lot in giving me the focus and enthusiasm to continue pursuing my goals in the community service such as outright ridicule and harassment.
Delanty, G. (2013). Community. New York, NY: Routledge. Read More
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Offenders Reentry in the Community Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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