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Staff Reduction Process - Coursework Example

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A correctional manager at times has to make staff reduction to meet the needs of efficient correctional service delivery despite the reduction in funding. Staff reduction entails reducing the number of staff at a correction facility and the correctional manager has to decide the…
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Staff Reduction Process
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"Staff Reduction Process"

Download file to see previous pages The other responsibility of the correctional manager in the staff reduction process is ensuring the employees who are let go do not harbour hard feelings and are adequately compensated and the staff reduction is done in accordance with the law and in compliance with agreements and regulations stipulated in employment contracts (McConnell, 1993). Ensuring all other avenues including cost saving have been sought for and failed before undertaking a staff reduction is the other role of a correction officer in staff reduction.
My reservations about staff reduction include the impact of the families and relation of the affected employees, having to let go of employees who have showed great potential, and the possibility of the employees getting new jobs.
The measures to be confident as a manager in a staff reduction process include early preparation including all the facts pertaining to the reason for the reduction, the members affected, and the procedure for the selection of the members. Ensuring the reason for the termination is justifiable and easily presentable to the employee to be able to inform the employees clearly. Reviewing policies and procedures on staff reduction will also increase my confidence through providing statements to staff during the staff reduction meeting (The Ohio State University, April 17, 2014). Providing a memo to all the terminated staff on measures taken to ensure adequate compensation and writing recommendations also allows for better confidence. Adequate analysis and in-depth thinking on the employees to terminate to ensure the correct decision on the affected employees also aid in increasing confidence in dealing with a termination of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Staff Reduction Process Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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