Crime control and due process models - Assignment Example

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They are both known as the Packer models of criminal justice. They were published as a means to help solve the complexities of the processes of criminal justice system…
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Crime control and due process models
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Download file to see previous pages As such, they are in a way inadequate by themselves and hence other criminal justice models have to be used in conjunction with these models so as to attain justice in deciding the course of criminal cases.
The first of Packer’s models is the crime control model. The crime control model is based on the legislature and it relies on it for criminal sanctions. It seeks to provide protection to citizens and their property as well as conservation of social stability and peace. One of the main assumptions in this model is that investigations and prosecutions by the police could help in controlling crime in the society. It is the responsibility of the police and the prosecutors to seek evidence of criminal acts and establish justice despite the limited resources available to them. Hence guilt is determined by a combination of facts given by witnesses against the suspected party through a series of interrogations. The police are given legal powers to conduct investigations through questioning of arrested persons (Hall, 2012).
According to this model, the suspect is determined as guilty or not depending on the facts and evidence admitted to court by the police. In court, this is what holds water as opposed to the trial itself. The prosecutor evaluates the evidence and facts admitted and towards a guilty sentence against the arrested party. A guilty plea by an accused person is deemed highly favorable by the court since it saves on time as well as the limited state resources. However this form of solving court cases could lead to guilty parties getting acquitted or innocent parties being convicted; with the former being a far more grievous error of the legal process. The prosecutors and the police are the law enforcers and authority according to the crime control model.
This model classifies its most important function as apprehension and conviction of accused parties through screening, determination of guilt and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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