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Mass Incarceration: The Modern Evolved Jim Crow Law - Term Paper Example

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The author states that the increase in profitable private companies that deal with prison services and are listed in US Stock exchange should be an indicator of the prevalence of the system that is determined in promoting the mass incarceration of the population…
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Mass Incarceration: The Modern Evolved Jim Crow Law
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Download file to see previous pages The Jim Crow laws were prominent between 1184 and 1964 and separated Americans race and were considered a legalized segregation by law (Tischauer 2).  The Jim Crow laws regulated the social, economic and political relationships between whites and African Americans and in the process subordinated blacks and favored whites (Martin 9). In the formation of the former union, African Americans were denied American citizenship and since then nothing much has changed even in the wake of civil liberties. The abolition of the slave trade and numerous progress in the rights of minorities. The present legislatures on minority groups are deemed to be analogous to those that drove the Jim Crow era. Alexander (1) resounds the aged adage that the more things seem to be changing is the more they remain the same. She asserts that in an era or color blindness where it is not socially permissible to discriminate or exclude persons exclusively based on race the criminal justice system has labeled some to be “color criminals”. Therefore, they are subjected to various forms of discrimination. However, Tischauer (2) alleges that attitude and history are the main culprits of the progression of de facto segregation.
It has often been perceived that a person’s character in terms of intelligence and behavior is a result of racial inheritance (Tischauser 2). Which in my view is very much disproved by science that shows the insignificance of color as a factor. The racial definition of people in society is further evidenced by the perception that colored people as compared to whites are more likely to be engaged in the use or distribution of drugs. This brings in the view of the drug wars that seem to target black and brown communities predominantly. Federal states seemed more focused on the incarceration of petty drug offenders than curbing the actual drug menace, and federal drug forfeiture policies do little but to promote unsavory practices.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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