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Jim Crow - Research Paper Example

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African Americans were seen as inferior and criminals who threatened the existence of the white race. The Jim Crow was characterized by tough anti-black polices or laws and norms…
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Jim Crow
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Extract of sample "Jim Crow"

Download file to see previous pages The Jim Crow was characterized by tough anti-black polices or laws (Packard 2003, 222). Under the Jim crow, people of color especially African Americans were seen as people who belonged to the lower or second class in society.
The Jim Crow rallied for implementation of anti-black policies because many theologians and Christians preached that the white people were children of God. They taught that God cursed people of color especially black men to be servants, and due to this, God endorsed racial biasness (Boskin 1976). In addition, craniologists and social thinkers argued that the culture of the black people was inferior and that they were intellectually inferior to the white people. Those politicians who were against social integration believed that the black culture could not mix with the white culture as this could lead to mongrelization of the white race which they perceived to be superior than any other race (Klarman 2006, 211).
The media propagated racial segregation in their articles where they referred to black people as darkies, coons, and niggers. Their messages in the articles spread anti-black information and stereotypes. For instance, in schools, white children saw black children as inferior and worthless. Under the Jim Crow, all social institutions such as schools and churches reinforced oppression of the people of color particularly African Americans (Parish 2008, 93-95).
The Jim Crow norms worked in combination with the Jim Crow policies. The Jim Crow norms were responsible for black exclusion from significant facilities such as jobs, transport, and schools. The 13th and 15th amendment of the US constitution had given black people same rights and legal protection as white people (Stetson 2011, 188). However, when Rutherford was elected the US president, border and southern States started restricting the freedoms and rights of black people. Even the highest institution in the land, the Supreme Court, reinforced racial segregation with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Jim Crow Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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