Judiciary in England and Wales is not Reflective of Society - Research Paper Example

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This paper aims at assessing existing literature on the ethnic and gender composition in the English and Wales’ judiciary. The author of the paper will also illustrate the previous efforts of the government in achieving diversity in the judiciary…
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Judiciary in England and Wales is not Reflective of Society
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that diverse compunctions of the judiciary have higher capacitates of responsiveness to experiences and needs of different legal system subjects. On the other hand, such a judiciary appears reflective of various cultures and backgrounds of the nation served. Another feature of diverse judiciaries is that they are more accountable and responsible for articulating issues of complex legal democracies. Proper co-existence with other forms of government necessitates the inclusion of gender as a judicial diversity dimension. However, gender is a major issue in analyzing the composition of the judiciary of England and Wales. This paper aims at assessing existing literature on the ethnic and gender composition in the English and Wales’ judiciary. The essay will also illustrate the previous efforts of the government in achieving diversity in the judiciary. Gender is a critical dimension of judicial diversity illustrated by the proportions of positions awarded to the males and females on the judiciary. There are different ways of rationalizing judicial diversity where judicial appointments follow policy and law that promotes equal opportunities. The judiciary needs to show sensitivity to the experiences and needs of the different elements of legal systems where the judiciary requires an illustration of diversity for service as well as diverse judiciary with increased accountability of legal democracies. The current preclusion the gender incorporation dictates the alternative dimension regarding judicial diversity. Features of judicial initiatives towards achieving ethnic and gender diversity are assessed through qualitative and quantitative perceptions and experiences of judicial bias. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/law/1667189-topic-is-about-diversity-within-judiciary-the-essay-question-is-it-has-been-consistently-argued-that-the-judiciary-in-england-and-wales-is-not-reflective-of-society-critically-consider-the-explanations-for-the-lack-of-diversity-within-the-judiciary-and
(Topic Is about Diversity Within Judiciary, the Essay Question Is, It)
“Topic Is about Diversity Within Judiciary, the Essay Question Is, It”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/law/1667189-topic-is-about-diversity-within-judiciary-the-essay-question-is-it-has-been-consistently-argued-that-the-judiciary-in-england-and-wales-is-not-reflective-of-society-critically-consider-the-explanations-for-the-lack-of-diversity-within-the-judiciary-and.
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