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Final - Building a More Just Society - Research Paper Example

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Laws can be traced back to the creation time where God gave the first man guidelines on what to do and what not to do. Later, the Ten Commandments were also given to man. Today,…
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Final Paper - Building a More Just Society
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the code of ethics was meant to addresses bad governance and malpractices such as corruption.
The need for ethics laws came to the attention of the Special Legislative Committee on Integrity and Ethical Standards in the Government several years back. The committee argued that there was a problem with proper ethical standards. This problem was traced to the lack of checks and balances in the various arms of governments and other agencies. The lack of check and balances provided a conducive environment for unjust acts such as bribery, nepotism and misuse of public office. The end result of this was injustice in the society in general. It was therefore prudent to come up with a set of rules to help counter this problem
Following the 1970 Watergate scandal, Congress passed the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (EGA). This act was to restore public confidence in the government officials as well as the political process. The Act ensured that no branch of the government assumes power THAT may allow it to be involved in malpractices such as corruption, nepotism or bribery (Sleight & Mancuso, 2010).
In the United States of America, the US constitution recognizes and empowers the police to help in regulating public behavior and maintaining peace and order. Law and order is maintained so as to build a safer, more just, morally upright and healthy community (Sleight & Mancuso, 2010).
The Tenth Amendment of the US constitution divides the power of the Federal government and the State government in order to protect the public from any form exploitation from either state or federal government. The constitution gives the law enforcement agencies the duty to serve the public by safeguarding lives and property. This code of ethics is bidding to every Law enforcer in the United States. Furthermore, these agencies usually take an oath of office to protect the innocent from deception, weak from oppression and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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