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Ontario Building Code - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyzes that fire safety adequacy provisions in most buildings should be demonstrated by conforming to the performance requirement stipulated in the article. One should ensure that fire safety measures are followed to the letter to ensure safety in case of fire for the people inside the building…
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Ontario Building Code
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Download file to see previous pages In an effort to establish the need to have fire safety in modern buildings, this paper has tried to look at the changes that have been made to Ontario building part 3 of 2012. The paper has particularly focused on Division B, that talks about “continuity of fire alarm system”. The changes have been made to foster new techniques that can be used to combat fire-related tragedies in Canada. This paper is not limited to Ontario only, in an attempt to justify the effects of the changes, the paper has touched on some locations outside Ontario that are comparable when it comes to handling the subject matter. The world is ever-changing and new techniques are applied on a daily occasion, hence developers must also come with new ways to ensure that the new techniques are handled professionally. Architects are ever on the look to come up with new innovations that would easily bridge the gap that may be causing challenges in case of fire.
Since the year1976, the Ontario Building Code has established a set minimum standard for designing and constructing all new buildings and allow for alterations, additions, and change of use of already existing structures in Ontario province (International Association of Fire Chiefs., National Fire Protection Association, and Jones & Bartlett Learning. 2012). The code is a binding document used by designers, architects, engineers, builders, manufacturers, and suppliers with respect to construction which the code regulates. The aim of the code is to set specific minimum principles for construction in order to minimize risk exposure to the safety and health of the occupants of a given building and to provide for the hurdle-free accessibility into a given building and the energy efficiency of that particular building.
Ministry of Municipal affairs in conjunction with Housing of the province of Ontario are held accountable for the amendment. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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