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The Capital of Canada: Toronto or Ottawa - Research Paper Example

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This essay discusses the capital of Canada. The majority of states in the world prefer to have the biggest city as the capital. Ottawa is a capital of Canada, however, there are three cities, which are much bigger than Ottawa and famous entertainment center of Toronto is among them…
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The Capital of Canada: Toronto or Ottawa
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Extract of sample "The Capital of Canada: Toronto or Ottawa"

Download file to see previous pages First, it is essential to investigate the reasons for such a desire to make Toronto the capital of Canada. Why is this city so special? First of all, Toronto is the most multinational city in the world. By visiting the biggest city in Canada, it is possible to get acquainted with the various culture, to hear almost all the languages in the world and taste all the possible dishes. This city can really teach people many different things. The representatives of different cultures live there peacefully and do not know what ethnic conflicts are. Having appeared in this megalopolis, everybody would be surprised by the fact that the people there still remember the value of healthy communication and are ready to communicate friendly even with strangers. Toronto is considered to be the most Americanized among Canadian cities. It is a big business and industrial center. Toronto is famous as “economic engine” of Canada and it is very influential in the region as well as in the state and international level. In 2011 Toronto occupied the 4th position in the world in terms of standard of living according to The Economist. Toronto is also a big international cultural center the most popular artists in the world often come to. In the city, there are many theatres and concert halls (Legge 1967, 30).
In order to understand why people want Toronto to become a capital of Canada, it is essential to provide some quotes received in the process of a small web interrogation. Thus, Pete from Nova Scotia states: "Because it is the financial, cultural, and recreational capital." Francois from Ontario insists: “In England, the capital is London. In France, the capital is Paris. Only when the political capital is the country's cultural, economic and financial center can the nation's people truly form a civilization”. Shoaib from Ontario explains: "Canada = Diversity. Toronto = one of the most diverse cities in the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Capital of Canada: Toronto or Ottawa Research Paper.
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