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Should Life Imprisonment Without The Possibility Of Parole Replace The Death Penalty - Research Paper Example

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An essay "Should Life Imprisonment Without The Possibility Of Parole Replace The Death Penalty?" claims that this death penalty was executed in several ways, through stoning to death. The word Capital means main or the head signifying this beheading ritual of the system of justice…
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Should Life Imprisonment Without The Possibility Of Parole Replace The Death Penalty
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"Should Life Imprisonment Without The Possibility Of Parole Replace The Death Penalty"

Download file to see previous pages Capital punishment is carried forward in several countries to this day through different methods like hanging, gas chambers, torturing, electrocuting and giving lethal injections. Many states of the world practicing this form of justice and have been challenged by human rights organizations for a long time. Proponents of the Death penalty believe that people fear death and if death is the punishment for killing someone, they would refrain from it. They believe that in order to have a just system in place where the victim’s family is put to ease it is important to have an eye for the eye approach. The criminal is guilty of taking someone’s life so he is liable to give up his. If the person is mentally unstable to have done so it makes him more dangerous to the society’s well-being and putting him to death is the only way to ensure such crimes do not take place through his hands again. However, opponents of the death penalty have a strong viewpoint as well. They believe that every life is precious and shouldn’t be given up on. If a criminal is guilty committing capital offense he should be subjected to punishments that take away his life figuratively, not literally. Also, many believe that taking away a criminal’s life is too easy on him, the real punishment would be him leading a hard life that prolongs his sufferings for the crime he committed. Executing a death penalty is costly for the governments as such cases are tried for a long time resulting injury expenditures and security arrangements for the courts.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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