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By understanding the dynamics of an altercation, the manner in which blood behaves after exiting the body, as well as the manner in…
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Blood Spatter Analysis
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BLOOD SPATTER ANALYSIS Blood Spatter Analysis Blood spatter analysis refers to the powerful forensic tool that used in crime investigations to determine the manner in which the crime occurred. By understanding the dynamics of an altercation, the manner in which blood behaves after exiting the body, as well as the manner in which it reacts after coming into contact with the surface; an investigator is in a better position to explain whether a crime was committed or not (Gardner & Bevel, 2008). Forensic experts normally look at the patterns made by sheds of blood and use their knowledge to determine what happened and/or what did not happened.
Interpretation of bloodstain patterns entails physical measurements of blood droplets, knowledge of motion in Physics, use of trigonometry, as well as recognition of patterns using already known experiments or photographs (Gardner & Bevel, 2008). Other evidence such as tool mark, footprint impressions, fingerprints, chemical analysis, DNA evidence are used together with splatter analysis to create the sequence of events that led to the crime. While collecting evidence using splatter analysis; care should be taken since bloodstains cannot be carried to the laboratory lab for interpretation. Photographs should also be taken in addition to drawing of sketches to facilitate piecing of the puzzle together. The photographs and sketches are essential since they help in keeping visual records of the evidence.
Substrate splatter analysis technique is one of the most accurate techniques. This is attributed to the fact that it facilitates the preservation of the samples for additional chemical and biological analysis (Gardner & Bevel, 2008). Additionally, the hyper-spectral imaging used in substrate splatter analysis offers a clarity for visualizing the blood splatter; thus, necessitating easy and detailed analysis. From the above information, it is extremely essential to employ the use of splatter analysis in solving violent crimes.
Gardner, R. & Bevel, T. (2008). Bloodstain Pattern Analysis with an Introduction to Crime
Scene Reconstruction, Third Edition (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations). New York: CRC Press Read More
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Blood Spatter Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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