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Final project - Intellectual property (the ethical implications of file sharing) - Essay Example

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We all agree that new technologies have positive as well as negative impact on the existing fundamentals and sentimental boundaries whether right or wrong. The solutions of said problems may have the lasting impact on the future of society. There cannot be two opinions that we…
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Final project - Intellectual property (the ethical implications of file sharing)
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Extract of sample "Final project - Intellectual property (the ethical implications of file sharing)"

Download file to see previous pages File sharing, especially of music files, is popularly termed as theft, piracy or free-riding. An in-depth look at music file sharing shows virtues of friendship and sociability among users. This study aims at determining whether file sharing in general is vice or virtual. This study also tries to understand the impulsion of music sharing.
Looking at the ethical implications of intellectual property, we observed in the year 2004, there were around 70 million people who actively participated in online file sharing. According to reported poll that conduced by the CNBC News in the year 2009, approximately 58 % Americans were involved in file sharing and in American norms; this is acceptable to enhance their knowledge and pleasure. They are the common opinion in UK that "if a person owns the music CD and shares it with a limited number of friends and acquaintances" it can not be termed as stealing of intellectual property. Hence, this sort of sharing increased to the extent of 70% within the age bracket of 18 to 29 year olds (Silverthrone 65).
Creation of minds reflects in the form of new concepts, ideas, inventions, literary and artistic work such as writings, paintings, symbols, images and designs where it can appropriately be termed as an intellectual property. It can be divided into two segments: a) Industrial property which comprised of trademarks, designs and b) Copyright in the shape of novels, poems, radio plays, screen plays, films, documentaries, music, paintings, drawing, photography and computer software.  The above mentioned creations come under the purview of copy right act. In this respect, we may include innovations and creations made by the local communities, as their cultural heritage is part of intellectual property (Greenhalgh & Rogers 135).
Famous Software Foundation established by Richard Stallman, he has the view that the term intellectual property in its broader ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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