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The paper "The Discussion of the Accident with a Plaster Mason" highlights that the mason makes sure to look back before stepping back from the wall so that he knows where to rest his foot. The mason always wears a safety helmet and belt whether or not the scaffolding is there aside from the staircase…
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The Discussion of the Accident with a Plaster Mason
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The individual I interviewed is a plaster mason. The accident happened on 12 June The mason was plastering a wall on the second floor. The staircase had no balusters on its side open to the air. No scaffolding had been provided there as well. While plastering the wall, the mason stepped a little back and did not realize that there was no support where the staircase’s landing ended. He put his foot in the air supposing there would be floor underneath and fell down from the second floor upon the first floor. He was not wearing safety helmet but was lucky enough to not receive injuries in the head, though his shoulder was dislocated. He could have received serious injuries in the head that could have cost him his life. He was immediately taken to the hospital. The mason did not show up on work until 23 June 2012. The mason had undergone a small surgery to fix his shoulder and had been recommended bed-rest by the doctors for 10 days following the operation.  Read More
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