Interstate Agencies: The Port Authoritys Birth and Operation - Annotated Bibliography Example

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 This  bibliography "Interstate Agencies: The Port Authority Birth and Operation" seeks to identify the extent at which the U.S. Constitution provision has been used since its passage, and how it has shaped the administrative power in regulating commerce across the entire country…
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Interstate Agencies: The Port Authoritys Birth and Operation
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Extract of sample "Interstate Agencies: The Port Authoritys Birth and Operation"

 Peacock, A., A. (2008). Deconstructing the republic: Voting rights, the Supreme Court, and the founder’s republicanism reconsidered. New York: Aei Press.
Peacock’s book offers a clear picture of how Chief Justice Marshall, argues on the need for the Federal Government to regulate commerce by limiting it to traffic, to an interchange of commodities, and to selling and buying. In order to make this regulation possible, the constitutional provision has therefore been employed to shape the power state of the Federal Government. However, the impact of constitution provision in shaping administrative action is that, the constitutional lawyers have seriously restricted operations and that the constitution itself imposes limitations on exercising state power.

Galvin, F., J. (1929). The New York port authority: An interstate agency to develop the facilities of the greatest harbor in the world. New York: Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
In this book, Galvin seeks to outline the impact of the constitutional provision on business and economic environment in the United States, especially in New York. The provision empowers the Port Authority in its efforts of ensuring that New York and New Jersey top the country’s economy. Therefore, the agency is extremely cautious on the quality of its services, efficiency in the provision of services, interstate relation and how well it competes with other entities. For example, a section on construction program provides the Port Authority with an opportunity to participate in procuring construction goods.

Totten, M. (2012). US commerce laws that have the most impact on interstate business. Retrieved from
In this article, Totten gives a description of how the constitution provision impacts on interstates port business. The commerce laws limit the Supreme Court’s power over interstate trade and production, an action that directly affects the economy. However, the courts still battle over the exact limits on federal power and the extent of these limitations.

Saywell, T., J. (2004). The lawmakers: Judicial Power and the Shaping of Canadian federalism. Canada: University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
According to this article, the constitution provision provides an authoritative guide on interstate relation and the role of Supreme Courts in the matter. It typically regulates the law governing the interstate division of power and the contribution of the Supreme Court in making those laws. In this case, it provides that, for better federalism amongst the states the Supreme Court and the judicial committee’s role in the law-making process should be critically examined in relation to the constitution. The article also focuses on the judicial committee’s argument that leads to the elimination of the federal government’s power on economic and social issues. Read More
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