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Film: American Violet1 (2008) + The Public Broadcasting Station series Frontline Documentary - Ethical violations and ethical dilemma analyze - Essay Example

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Regina Kelly, a black and single mother of four young children, was the chief plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against the district…
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Film: American Violet1 (2008) + The Public Broadcasting Station series Frontline Documentary - Ethical violations and ethical dilemma analyze
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"Film: American Violet1 (2008) + The Public Broadcasting Station series Frontline Documentary - Ethical violations and ethical dilemma analyze"

Download file to see previous pages The suit, with the ACLU and with Sam Conroy as local civil lawyer, charged Paschall and others with false arrest, equal protection violations and a scheme to violate the plaintiffs’ civil rights. The film American Violet, directed by Disney (2008), and PBS Frontline’s The Plea depict this lawsuit, its proceedings, and outcomes. This essay discusses the prosecutorial misconduct, the ethical violations of the defense attorney, and the ethical dilemma that Regina Kelly faces. The misconduct and ethical violations are products of self-interest promotion, racial discrimination, and unethical conflicts of interests, while Kelly faced the conflict of pleading guilty and ensuring her release, but she would lose her civil rights and liberties, while not pleading guilty meant a potential lifelong harassment from Paschall, although she could potentially shake the system enough to stop the unfair raids against poor communities of black people and to expunge allegations of drug involvement for all concerned individuals.
The prosecutor in Kelly’s case exhibited misconduct, because of his direct involvement in fraud. Paschall is aggressively pursuing the most number of convictions, because of related monetary incentives through the federally-funded drug intervention program. In American Violet, his main witness, Eddie Porter, accused Paschall of hiring the police to beat him up and to threaten him of 60 years in prison, if he would not testify against a number of people. Porter recorded audio tapes, where he alleged these people, from a list that Paschall made, as drug dealers and users. This means that Paschall is guilty of fraud, because he forced a witness to make up evidence, in order for him to get his quota convictions. This misconduct is illegal and unethical: “The prosecutor must seek justice, not merely a conviction” (Pollock, 2012, p.258). He should represent the public interest (Pollock, 2012, p.258), and yet by forcing a witness to charge others, he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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