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The aim of this paper is to provide an evaluation of criminal justice particularly crime curtailing in the U.S. The paper takes a broad perspective of crime control policies. Major criminal issues are governed by the federal administration that has oversight authority over the entire operations. …
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Crime Control Policies in the United States
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Download file to see previous pages Crime management policies denote the laws, guidelines along with other governmental actions that are aimed at minimizing criminal acts (Woods, 2008). Owing to the fact that public security is a key task of government, policy formulators at the federal, regional and local echelons are implicated in developing and implementing crime management policies. Criminal justice encompasses a wide system of institutions and operations aimed at guaranteeing order, stability, equality, and justice along with punishment for the offense. Among the core parameters of the vast criminal justice system is crime control, which signifies the government’s initiatives and strategies in managing crime in society. Crime control policies, therefore, denote the frameworks established by the government to minimize criminal activity, deal with violent crime incidences and guarantee the execution of justice through the judicial processes. The criminal justice system of the United States is comprehensive enough and encompasses the diversity of operations, institutions, and processes. Crime control in the United States is practiced at a departmental level under the homeland security fragment through the entire judicial system plays a commanding role in defining overall techniques of crime control. In essence, America’s criminal justice system along with the particular crime control policies are managed at three levels; federal, state and local. 

Criminal justice is the organization of practices and agencies of governments directed at the perpetuation of social control, discouraging and mitigating crime, or permitting those who infringe laws with criminal punishments and rehabilitation endeavors. Those accused of a misdemeanor have protections against the mistreatment of investigatory and tribunal powers. In America, the criminal justice strategy has been directed by the 1967 Presidents Commission on police and management of Justice, which provided a pioneering report to the challenge of crime in a liberated society (Ismail, 2010). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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