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Comparison and constrast of the crime control model and the due process model - Research Paper Example

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Each one has specific schools of thought, although they were initially developed by the same person, Stanford University professor Herbert Packer in 1968…
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Comparison and constrast of the crime control model and the due process model
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Extract of sample "Comparison and constrast of the crime control model and the due process model"

Download file to see previous pages in their beliefs about criminal justice, the proponents of both sides must work together within the established criminal justice system, following laws and the legal process and procedures of the United States.
The two models of criminal justice serve no legal purpose other than to give names and definitions to the most common perspectives towards criminal justice. The models serve as a way to talk about criminal justice and can serve as an aid to determine how a person might approach a criminal justice issue based on which theory they subscribe to.
The two models can also compare to political viewpoints in terms of being considered either conservative or liberal. The crime control model is considered conservative in nature while the due process model is more liberal (Perron). Those believing that criminals should be treated as such and that there should be aggressive measure taken towards crime, are most often proponents of the crime control model, while those who feel people should not be beleaguered, that there are processes in place that should be followed and that law enforcement agencies are not the be all and end all of the criminal justice system are typically followers of the due process model.
According to U.S. Legal Definitions, the crime control model, “refers to a theory of criminal justice which places emphasis on reducing the crime in society through increased police and prosecutorial powers”.
This model is based on the notion that police, detectives and forensic workers are at the forefront of the criminal justice system and that their findings are almost always valid and reliable. Alleged offenders are considered to be guilty because those working in the criminal justice system have already conducted the research necessary to arrest the correct person (
The crime control theory focuses on keeping the public safe. Protecting the rights of individuals is less important than keeping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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