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The paper “The Contract Maintaining Control of the Process” focuses on the process of choosing the contractor, which is an important process that has to be taken with a great deal of consideration. One can get a general idea of how the company operates and how well it is rated in the business…
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The Contract Maintaining Control of the Process
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The best way to coming up with the best contract in supplies of medical equipment is by competitive bidding. The bidding assists us with quality equipment, supplies, and services. This will help limit cases of fraud and abuses of office by those who are mandated with ensuring supplies are made to the company. In this particular scenario, one can tell that the contractor and the health facility are the major players in the process of coming up with ways of ensuring transparency in the process. However, patients are the main beneficiaries of supplies since they require the facilities to keep fit. Medicare is the way in which patients will pay for the services they get. The coverage is very important to all because it makes it easier for them to get treatment. Equipment supplied to the facility have to be included in the Medicare program but have to be accounted for before one can look at the probability of benefitting from these services (Michael, 2004). The most fundamental thing that one has to contend with is the fact that the terms and conditions that are set apart by the companies which participate in the agreement, have to adhere to the terms they state in the documents. The parties involved in this agreement are mainly the suppliers and the facility.
Many contracts have been cited as being done in fraudulent ways making many institutions to lose many their financial resources. This is where the competitive bidding comes in to ensure that the best is chosen to conduct the supplies and involve the public in making decisions for effective services. In the long run, patients end up paying for the amount of money spent in handling these processes given that they are charged for services offered. They must be involved in the process and included in making it a routine to use the Medicare program to educate them on ways of identifying the best services and how they can control what goes on in the facility (Michael, 2004). The patient has to make private arrangements between them and the suppliers to ensure that they attain their services as expected. It is important to note that the patient can only be guaranteed of services if they get contracts that are easily accomplished and easy to account for rather than use services that one is not sure of being availed. This might, however, not be paid for by the National Hospital Fund given that it is a private contract between the supplier and the patient. Therefore, the issue has been left between suppliers and patients implying that the federal institutions can only intervene should there be more problems than expected (Steven, 2006).
The best time to offer supplies to a facility is when its financial capacity is good and when they can account for the next few months after they have done their acquisition. This will be fundamental given that they will ably identify projects that are viable and those that can wait for a later date. It means that the facility can pay its debt and still have enough to run other processes in the facility. Treating patients and taking care of their general needs is what makes a facility worthy to the community, and the better a facility is in handling the needs, the better placed it is to handle a large number of clients (Steven, 2006). The main goals of a supplier are to maintain their clients and generate satisfaction amongst all of them. This implies that the need to offer quality services has to be looked at while distributing equipment. This will run down to the patient at the end as they are the recipients of these services. The facility will also be offered respect in the region and gain as much from revenue as possible.
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