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Building the Boeing 787 - Term Paper Example

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Being the newest commercial aircraft in the industry, Boeing wide-bodied 787 appears as the boldest expect of the plane making and airline travel of the future. It has a sitting capacity amounting to 250 seats and composite materials, which comprise of carbon fibers as opposed…
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Building the Boeing 787
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Extract of sample "Building the Boeing 787"

Download file to see previous pages The lightness of this Boeing 787 translates into large savings in terms of costs and fuel consumption. In addition to that, the Boeing 787 includes other notable innovations such as state-of-the-art electronics connected to the passenger compartment and to the flight deck, greater headroom, and larger windows. In order to accomplish the building of the Boeing 787, the company had to outsource part of its work (Hill, 2011). This paper will seek to provide the benefits of outsourcing to foreign suppliers and the risks involved in such dealings.
To begin with, when a company outsources part of its work to either foreign or local suppliers, it reduces the risks involved in producing the intended materials. Since Boeing was dealing or otherwise gambling with very risky materials, it was a crucial step to have its suppliers manufacture part of the materials on the company’s behalf (McIvor, 2010). Particularly, risks involved in technological complexity are immense and can result to significant meltdown of a company’s resources. It is agreeable that manufacturing aircraft materials especially composite ones is expensive, time consuming, and technological irrational (Sparrow, 2003). Therefore, for Boeing to outsource 70 percent of the total content needed to build the jet to other manufacturers in other countries helped them minimize the risks it would stand to incur in case of mistakes. Therefore, outsourcing helped Boeing share among its suppliers the risks involved manufacturing such materials as well as in the building of such a risky technologically multifaceted aircraft (Brindley, 2005).
Outsourcing makes the contracted companies feel being as part of the overall manufacturing process, which in turn brings a sense of contribution and ownership. Research findings show that such a feeling is pragmatic for business support (Hill, 2011). The Boeing’s outsourcing idea was critical. In fact, it made the partners feel included in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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