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UK Bar Vocational Course - Assignment Example

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This essay talks that Claimants Susan and Hayden Chilcott are the owners of the property situated at 34 Oak lane and the defendants Gavin and Sheryl Davies are the owners of the Oak Lane Sports Club situated at 32 Oak Lane, which borders on the property of the Claimants. …
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UK Bar Vocational Course
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Download file to see previous pages As the report declares this application has assumed an urgent nature because of the weekly discos and baseball sessions which continue unabated. Claimants refer in particular to the exhibit marked SC3, which sets out details of a baseball tournament and barbecue to be held at the Oak Lane Sports Club on the 13th of August. In view of the fact that defendants have hitherto ignored Claimants’ telephone calls and written requests for action on the hindrances caused to them and the fact that an application has been filed in this Court for legal remedy to restrain the defendants, Claimants fear that the defendants will continue with their plans for the baseball tournament and barbecue scheduled for the 13th of August. This poses the threat and danger of real and further damages that may be caused by baseballs and broken bottles, not only to the property of the Claimants but also the risk of bodily harm to the children being minded on the property and /or the Claimants themselves.
This essay stresses that Claimants fear that they will be removed from the roster of child minders as a result of the dangers and risk posed by flying baseballs. One child has already been removed by her parents from being minded by the Claimants, which has caused a loss of income of 100 pounds per week to the Claimants. Claimants state that it has therefore become extremely urgent that the defendants’ destructive activities be stopped immediately. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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