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History is not just about eras, wars and politics. It is also about circumstances and trials, and the triumph of the human spirit. It is about the nature of a problem, sometimes apparently insurmountable, and how personalities and concepts came into being to single handedly overcome the most hopeless situation…
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Solicitors and Barristers
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Download file to see previous pages eyes, ears, hands or legs - and they either work in unison or complement each other in such a way that the result or consequence is seen as a perfect acceptance by a single receptor. This perfect, clock-like arrangement of the human organ pairs prove the point that in order to achieve greater, faster, easier and more accurate results, sometimes it becomes necessary to break up functions or decentralize so that there is greater efficiency in performance. Law, a study and practice followed by both, solicitors and barristers, has a great historical origin. (Symmetry in homes)1.
The legal code began to take shape and take roots as early as the 8th century BC when the Greeks first became a world power and a with a firm, military discipline, laid the foundations of a system of law which was initially draconian. However, it was superseded by a more methodical and humane system by Solon. Finding themselves in confusion due to violent revolt by the people, the oligarchy called upon Solon, known for his wisdom and uprightness, to establish a rule of law. Following a course of a difficult, bloody period of wars and dissension, Solon drafted an all-encompassing legal code which found favor with the oligarchy. (A History of Ancient Greece)2
The Romans were responsible for improving upon the Spartan laws and many of our modern legal concepts were founded by them. They were the first to acknowledge that the citizenry had certain rights and actively pursued means to voice these rights to their people.
Civil laws, contract laws, property and personal rights, use of evidence in a court of law, use of a legal will, are some of the legal concepts brought into being by the Romans. (Legal Concepts Based on the Ancient Romans)3.
Lawyers are called by many names - notably advocates, attorneys, barristers, counselors, solicitors, notaries.
A lawyer or attorney at law is an individual licensed by the state to advise clients in legal matters and represent them in courts of law and other legal agencies. Most countries today require professional law advisors in their juridical systems. Different countries have different systems and practices based on which the lawyers are classified. For instance, lawyers are invariably referred to as attorneys or counselors in the USA. In England, the system is more elaborately laid out where the functions for barristers and solicitors are specified. Elsewhere too, the functions are divided and laid out in such manner as is beneficial for speedier and fairer dispensation of justice. Many countries also follow the law system where a person who is not a qualified lawyer could be empanelled as a member of the jury on the strength of his or her social and professional standing. In countries like India, persons with a good history of social service, irrespective of his educational qualifications, are designated as "special magistrates" and allowed to settle certain local disputes. Of course, these are only so at the lower levels where it would be otherwise very difficult to cope with pending cases. (Lawyers, Nature of the work)4.
Coming back to the United States, almost anyone can be an attorney. And in this situation, an attorney is similar to an agent, a person who has been formally empowered by someone else to act on behalf of the principal. Lawyers are "attorneys at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solicitors and Barristers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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