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Housing Health and Safety Rating System - Essay Example

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The housing health and safety rating system is the government's new measure to point out any deficiencies and flaws in the dwelling. It is basically a document which provides guidance on the fitness of dwelling and has since replaced Housing Fitness Standard…
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Housing Health and Safety Rating System
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Download file to see previous pages However, one must note that enforcements are made only after thorough inspection of the dwelling and not before the inspecting staff is 100% sure of the violence of any condition under HHRS. (Housing Health and Rating System: Operating Guide, pp.6-10)
Upon receiving a complaint, inspecting staff is directed toward the property. This staff carries out a through inspecting and notes down everything in inspection checklist. References are then made to housing act of 2004, HHRS (Housing health and rating system) and associated guides and law books.
It is then based on the judgment of inspection staff to propose to the government whether the property is safe or is unsafe for the tenants in the property. This proposal has to be made in the form of a report which contains:
After all this has been specified, then the report further contains a brief description of the property. This description starts with the type of construction, age of the property and the size of the property.
It then states how many floors do this property has and measurements of the walls how thick and tall the walls are. It also contains the number of windows and doors this property has. Then the report discusses the type of accommodation of the property. The covered area of each floors and types of rooms like kitchen, living area should be specified. ...
It also contains the number of windows and doors this property has. Then the report discusses the type of accommodation of the property. The covered area of each floors and types of rooms like kitchen, living area should be specified. Then the same information is specified for the first floor and any other floor that the property has.
Then, the report talks about the garden area of the property and how well it has been kept.
Then based on the schedule of works and the finding of the research on the property, various recommendations are made.
The new HHRS system is flexible and actions are not rigid but are very flexible and taken after determining the following factors:
Whether the property is empty or occupied
Number of people living in the property
In the information of the assignment, dampness and mud growth fall under the category 1 of the hazard. The way to categories them in either 1st category or second doesn't only depend on the inspector's judgment but in recent area a formula has been developed to give weightage to each hazard and then depending on this weightage classifying them in either hazard of category 1 or 2. There can be only one action taken against one hazard and simultaneously many actions cannot be taken at once
Suppose if the housing health department issues a prohibition notice to the owner about his breach of law. This may not necessarily tempt him into improving the condition of the problem because he's not been fined or any thing and there's not incentive for him to improve the condition unless the government fines him. Similarly if the government sent him improvement notice he may not do so unless he's been threatened or incentive is created for him. Similarly, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Housing Health and Safety Rating System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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