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Practical Homicide Investigation - Assignment Example

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The paper contains a practical homicide investigation. The cause of death of the victim was asphyxia by ligature (pocketbook strap) strangulation. There were post mortem bites on the victim’s thighs, as well as contusions, hemorrhages, and lacerations to the body. …
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Practical Homicide Investigation
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Download file to see previous pages A young woman’s nude body was discovered at 3:00 p.m. on the roof landing of the apartment building where she lived. She had been badly beaten about the face and strangled with the strap of her purse. Her nipples had been cut off after death and placed on her chestScrawled in ink on the inside of her thigh was “you can’t stop me.”The words “F… you” were scrawled on her abdomen pendant in the form of a Jewish sign (Chai), which she usually wore as a good luck piece around her neck, was missing and presumed taken by the murderer. He retained the wallet until he returned home from school for lunch that afternoon. At that time he gave the wallet to his father, a white male aged 40. The father went to the victim's apartment at 2:50 p.m. and gave the wallet to the victim's mother. When the mother called the daycare center to inform her daughter about the wallet, she learned that her daughter had not appeared for work that morning. The mother, the victim's sister, and a neighbor began a search of the building and discovered the body. The neighbor called the police. Police at the scene found no witnesses who saw the victim after she left her apartment that morning. No one heard any screams
Forensic Examination  1. The medical examiner's report was important in determining the extent of the wounds, as well as how the victim was assaulted and whether evidence of sexual assault was present or absent. 2. No semen was noted in the vagina, but semen was found on the body. 3. It appeared the murderer stood directly over the victim and masturbated. 4. There were visible bite marks on the victim's thighs and knee area. He cut off her nipples with a knife after she was dead and wrote on the body. 5. Cause of death was strangulation, first manual, then ligature, with the strap of her purse. 6. There were no deep stab wounds. 7. The killer used the victim's belts to tie her right arm and right leg but apparently had untied them in order to position the body before he left
C. Evidence present that belonged to the offender
1. Umbrella, ink pen and a hair comb
2. Semen
3. Feces
D. What evidence was not present
1. Blunt force object the killed the victim
2. The Chi charm and chain
3. Victims purse   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Practical Homicide Investigation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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