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Civil Law Rights - Case Study Example

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As in Amanda case, she requests a pair of jeans after receiving a catalogue on the 5th December 2005 and as her cheque gets delayed in the post and arrives on the 12th December. Pavarotti sends a letter to Amanda regretting that they cannot supply the jeans at the advertised price because a revised price list had been introduced on the 8th December and the jeans were now priced at 300.
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Civil Law Rights
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Download file to see previous pages if date is not mentioned then it is considered that in 7 working days consumer be liable to make payments for specific advertisement and finished the transaction by the date you have agreed with the person providing the service, or within a logical time if you haven't fixed a specific date
This case entitle to 'Consumer Sale law' that center on the legal and self regulatory controls on the advertising of consumer goods and services - the law of consumer advertising that is the major provisions of the Trade Descriptions Act 1968.
It also entitles to 'Control of Misleading Advertising Regulations 1988', Part III Consumer Protection Act 1987. Liability of sellers and manufacturers if the products sold are not satisfactory or are unsafe - the implied terms in the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) and related legislation, the manufacturers liability for defective products - Part I Consumer Protection Act 1987 and the general duty to supply safe products under both domestic and EC law with particular emphasis on the toy industry. Legal liability in respect of consumer services with particular emphasis on the travel industry. ...
Legal liability in respect of consumer services with particular emphasis on the travel industry. The Consumer and the Internet - the course will examine the regulation of e-commerce in relation to business to consumer advertising and sale of goods and services on the Internet.
According to these laws, all buyers are entitled to remedies under the legislation although consumers are entitled to a better range of remedies. Consumers are defined as people who are buying for rationales not linked to their trade, business or profession.
A consumer's rights concerning the sale and supply of goods cannot be reduced in any means by a term in the agreement. Limitations might be probable in business- to-business contracts but any restriction is matter to the necessities of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.
Throughout the United Kingdom, nevertheless, a trader and a customer can concur that these rights do not be valid to a particular transaction for the condition of a service or must only be appropriate to a limited extent. Any such exclusion or restraint will however be issue to the provision of the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.
Now we will discuss Rajeev's case. He requests a black leather jacket and accompanies his form with a cheque for 700 in payment of the price. As he received his jacket, he discovered from a label inside the jacket was made in Vietnam. Whereas, Pavarotti Fashions Ltd mail order catalogue in which it was mentioned that all Exclusive items of the highest quality using only natural fabrics hand-made in the European community. This is the pure case of consumer misleading ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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