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Are Criminals Born or Made - Essay Example

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This paper "Are Criminals Born or Made?" focuses on the fact that it has always been a difficult question to find an answer whether a criminal is born or is made out of circumstances. The crimes have begun at the start of human civilisation. Crimes are an integral part of the human living. …
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Are Criminals Born or Made
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Download file to see previous pages In spite of the efforts in this direction, crimes continue to exist and it can be concluded that the crimes will continue to exist and this problem cannot be solved. In order to solve this problem, it becomes necessary that the cause of the crimes or the reason why people commit crimes need to be analysed.
Traditionally crime has been considered as associated with two domains by the specialists. The domains are the nature or the environment of the individuals including the family and the peers of the individuals. However, it must be noted that these specialists belong to different fields of science as the complexity and dynamics of crime extends to different areas, which are difficult to comprehend. Therefore, the statement "Are criminals born, or made" can be considered as
When reference is made to the science of criminology automatically, reference is made to different branches of science such as psychology, genetics, sociology etc. The main purpose of criminology is to deal with crimes and criminals and solve this social problem.
The main approaches to deal with the problem of crimes and their resolution are the natural approach and the environmental approach. The environmental approach deals with the circumstances that made an individual to commit a crime and it does not consider the hereditary or family background of the criminal. Whereas the natural approach is sure that the nature of the criminal, his or her genes, and heredity are the main reasons that make him/her commit the crimes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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