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Seeking Treatment within Criminal Justice System - Research Paper Example

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Seeking Treatment within the Criminal Justice System Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract In most countries, the criminal justice systems have had a lot of criticism in preventing people from committing crime or even dealing with those who have already are committed crime…
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Seeking Treatment within Criminal Justice System
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Download file to see previous pages There are many treatment methods that the criminal justice systems have implemented and still continue to incorporate in their systems. There have been debates on whether the criminal justice systems should use the multi-dimensional kind of treatment where there is a combination of different methods of treatment, or uni-dimensional treatment where only one method is used at a time. This paper discusses the different kinds of treatment in the criminal justice systems. Keywords: Criminal Justice System, Treatment, Multi-Dimensional, Uni-Dimensional, Co-Morbidity Introduction The criminal justice system is a set of agencies and processes that have been established by governments to control crime and impose punishments to those who violate the law. Criminal justice is a complex subject to deal with. Most nations have several systems of justice; for example, in the United States, there are different systems of criminal justice. The criminal justice system is therefore a system that ensures that the laws of different countries are enforced (Goldsmith & Israel, 2000). Drug courts have been created in some nations, such as the United States America. This is in response to the realization that there is need for increased capacity in local jails, due to the high number of criminals arrested for reasons related to drug abuse. ...
The criminal justice systems in many countries have most of the time received a lot of criticism, because most of the people do not have trust in them. This is because most of them fail to treat offenders, which is in fact the main reason behind the establishment of such systems. There are different methods that can be used to treat substance abusers, mentally ill criminals and other conditions in people who enter into the systems. This paper discusses multi-dimensional and uni-dimensional treatments that are effective in treating criminals within the criminal justice system. Differences between multi dimensional and uni-dimensional treatments with substance abusers Multidimensional Family Therapy treatment is commonly used to treat substance abuse in adolescents and related behavioral and mental health problems (Liddle, Rodriguez, Dakof, Kanzki &Marvel, n.d.). The method seeks to reduce symptoms and at the same time, enhance developmental functioning by changing some domains of the behavior. This kind of treatment has received the highest rating in treating adolescent drug abusers, especially the juveniles because not use a single specified method making it very effective. This treatment is based on a combination of the theoretical and clinical traditions of psychopathology and developmental psychology, family therapy, and an ecological perspective. According to Liddle, Rodriguez, Dakof, Kanzki and Marvel, “multidimensional treatment uses research derived knowledge about risk and protective factors for adolescent drug related problems as the basis for assessment an intervention” (p. 128). Multidimensional Family Therapy holds the argument that drug abuse among teenagers is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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