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The Minimum Drinking Age in the US Must Be Reconsidered - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "The Minimum Drinking Age in the US Must Be Reconsidered" argues the need to lower the MLDA to 18, since already at this age people have the right to make independent decisions. Opponents of such a position refer to cases when alcohol intake before the age of 21 turned out to be fatal. …
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The Minimum Drinking Age in the US Must Be Reconsidered
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Extract of sample "The Minimum Drinking Age in the US Must Be Reconsidered"

Download file to see previous pages Before exploring the ethics, evidence, and explanations which favor one the Minimum Legal Drinking Age stance over another, it is necessary to outline the reasons that have led to the enhancement of the importance that the topic under consideration commands. I believe it is essential to highlight this aspect of this argument to develop the understanding of the reader regarding the contextual background of the notion which is under consideration and I appreciate that this criteria has been fulfilled by the author in the MLDA essay.
In the MLDA essay paragraph number 2, the author discusses that for a significant proportion of the population, the enforcement of regulations which restrict alcohol consumption for individuals below the age of 21 contradicts with the ways in which society as a whole function. A vivid example of this is associated with the fact that the American society promotes the advancement of the youth by instilling in them the tenets of progress, liberty, and equality that are enjoyed by all citizens of America through the power of the vote which is granted to the citizens at the age of eighteen. I like how the author has contrasted the privileges that are granted to an individual at the age of eighteen in this paragraph because this enhances the depth of the argument by raising a critical question which argues that if a young adult is allowed and even encouraged to participate in the democratic process at this age, why do the rationalities that are linked with this judgment not apply in the case of the MLDA argument? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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