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The COPPS Philosophy & The SARA Method To Solve Community Problems - Assignment Example

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Police Intervention Tactics in Solving Problems in a Neighborhood: Street Racing and Under-age Drinking Issues Name Class Abstract In the business of policing, the well-being of the community is the most important reason for the existence of police. Working with the community is essential to any successful implementation of a program that is activated in order to rid a community of crime, particularly when there is an overload of one particular crime…
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The COPPS Philosophy & The SARA Method To Solve Community Problems
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Extract of sample "The COPPS Philosophy & The SARA Method To Solve Community Problems"

Download file to see previous pages The drinking issue by underage young people also presents the environment for further crime to be committed such as robberies and assault, along with gang fights. Introduction One of the most important aspect of policing efficiently is the use of patrol units that regularly canvas the same neighborhoods on a regular basis. Officers in patrol cars or on foot patrols get to know the neighborhood and the people when they see the same places with the same people over and over again (Craven 2009). This also helps to establish relationships between the police and the people in the neighborhood and is essential when there are a rash of crimes being committed as police can go to the people and request help in reporting suspicious activity (Allen & Sawhney 2009). A good representation of this is the Neighborhood Watch team which has neighborhood members who drive or walk around neighborhoods and then call in to the police anything that looks suspicious (Hunter & Barker 2011). Utilizing the principles of COPPS (Community Orientated Policing and Problem Solving) requires that the police department engage with the community and develop efficient trusting connections that will promote information gathering techniques from the community to the police department which oversees that community. This will help to promote a safer community for all where people can live and raise their families (COPPS 2013). In this example, there has been a surge in street racing of cars and other vehicles, seriously compromising the safety and security of the neighborhood. Along with this, there has also been underage drinking reported among those who have been caught, either driving these vehicles, or creating a public nuisance in various areas of the neighborhood such as the playgrounds. A program will be studied and devised to assist in eliminating these issues before there is a serious life-threatening accident, particularly to young neighborhood children when they are out playing with their friends (Allen & Sawhney 2009). Both COPPS and the SARA principles will be used in combination to create, develop and implement this program (SARA 2013; COPPS 2013). First Steps – SARA In designing a program to solve a neighborhood problem, the tools of SARA must be implemented first to begin in the information collection process of the problem. SARA is comprised of the four tools of Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (SARA 2013). The first three tools are essential for use in information gathering and mapping the situation in order to design the response needed. The scanning of the neighborhood is important to understand layout factors, what current patrols are already in place, sorting through the reports of problems over a specific time period (a year), and then mapping these to get a visual picture of where the majority of the crimes are being committed (SARA 2013; Hunter & Barker 2011; Cordner & Scarborough 2010). If a sector presents itself as being a hot spot of activity, based on the reports analysis, then a higher level of patrol cars will be detailed to that area, particularly if it is noted that these crimes occur mainly in the late hours of the day. The analysis will also show if there is a higher volume on the weekends when young offenders are not at school and therefore, out on the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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