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TERRORIST TRAINING - Research Paper Example

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Terrorist Training Name: Institution: Abstract Terrorist training is teaching learners of methods and strategies of terrorism. Terrorist training usually entails teaching terrorists on how to initiate attacks, participate in field attacks and others terrorist activities such as suicide bombing…
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years, numerous worldwide campaigns have been launched with the aim of fighting terrorism. Terrorist training has been continuously propagated by extremists such as Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. They are said to be the leadership and minds behind Taliban and Al Qaeda. These terror groups expanded their terror activities by establishing terror training camps in Afghanistan and other regions of the world. Terror training can be blamed for the deadly terror attacks that have been carried out in Europe, USA and other regions of the world. One of the most common of these terror attacks include the 9/11 attacks in the USA. The main aim of this paper is to help readers to understand the way in which terrorist training and recruitment has shifted, changed and evolved over the past decade. Terrorist Training Although there are many issues that define the way in which the world seeks to counteract or avert terrorism, one of the primal means by which governments can seek to disrupt terrorism is by seeking to interfere or stymie the means by which terrorist groups train and/or recruit new members. Ultimately, nations such as the United States have made it a primary goal of its intelligence and/or military to seek to disrupt or destroy terrorist training facilities and capabilities at each and every juncture. In such a way, many analysts have noted that this process in and of itself is more effective in helping to stem the tide of terrorism than targeted assassinations of high ranking terrorists. Nonetheless, when performed in tandem with other actions, seeking to disrupt and destroy terrorist training capabilities comes to be seen as an effective tool in the arsenal of counter terrorism agencies and governments the world over. As a result of the relatively high level of success that the United States and other nations have experienced with regards to depriving these entities of their training capabilities, groups such as Al Qaeda and others have been forced to integrate with new dynamics. As such, these new dynamics in terrorist training will be the primal thrust and unit of analysis within this brief research paper. In seeking to understand the way in which terrorist training and recruitment has shifted over the past decade, the reader can come to a more appreciable level of understanding with regards to how these entities continue to be represented within the world. Looking back but a few short years, the reader can note that a far different system existed as compared to what is evidenced now. Taking Al Qaeda as the case in question, it can be noted that there existed defined and extant philosophy of integration with regards to the way in which training facilities existed in and around the globe. What is meant by this is that Al Qaeda operated a litany of different physical training facilities in far flung reaches of the globe to include Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, the Philippines and others. Up until the attacks of September 11th, 2001, these training bases served as the backbone by which newly recruited warriors would learn the basics of how to engage in Al Qaeda’s definition of jihad. It should be understood at this particular juncture that although Al Qaeda represents one of the most salient threats and perhaps one of the best known terrorist entities within the world today, it should not be understood that this group alone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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