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Factors Contributing to Intelligence Success or Failure - Essay Example

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Title Name of Professor Global security management is a paramount concern of all stakeholders of world peace. It takes a center point amid complex issues of imbalanced economy, trading dynamism, and diplomatic relations because the global community cannot just leave threats, like nuclear the development in Iran, unnoticed…
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Factors Contributing to Intelligence Success or Failure
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Download file to see previous pages This researcher argues that the intelligence community can successfully deliver its contribution to denuclearization process (Cordesman & Al-Rodhan, 2006). When those deployed are able to concretely provide accurate and sensible information to commanders and national legislatures for an effective understanding of complex counterinsurgency environment. This information must be holistic and integrated analyses from the ground and are logically reflective of the inherently complex “shades-of-gray” empirical truth, with mix conventional and systematic military that are color-coded in categories (Flynn & Flynn, 2012). Conversely, the intelligence community will fail if it lack rigorous study and evaluation of the issues, and when their information are not backed with empirical evidences to support suppositions, hence failing the analysts to logically see the holistic and integral reality of an issue (Flynn & Flynn, 2012; O’ Hem, 2012). The state, military officials and international body’s decision-makings on security management rely on evidences or proofs (Heuer, 1999). It is therefore expected that the intelligentia must be thorough, rigorous and comprehensive in its military intelligence leadership (Heuer, 1999). The latter’s policy and doctrines require the delivery of integrated and fused intelligence to inform officials without neglect of the fact that their work demand functional and technical and technical aspects of intelligence analysis (Heuer, 1999; Kan, 2011). It is expected that those who are deployed in this nature of job have depth interests on many tools for analysis such as, (a) political, economic, social, technological, logistical, and ecological analysis (PESTLE); (b) strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT); (c) business analysis; (d) forensic analysis; (e) demographic, historical and operational analyses; (f) psychological and socio-cultural analysis; and, (g) all forms of quantitative and qualitative method of research. Being on the ground, they should be able to identify who are the friendly and non-friendly stakeholders that are supportive or not supportive in the collaborative efforts of denuclearizing Iran and the rest of the world. Connable (2012) proposed that intelligence staff should deliver a holistic understanding of the environment; mapping groups and persons to depict the bigger picture of the issue; and help commanders appreciate the complexity conflicting and conflicted nature of identity, motivation, loyalty, and behavior of those involved in the nuclear production trade. Through this, decision-makers seek relatively practical and clear analyses of all stakeholders and break their identities and relations (Connable, 2012). It is also important that initial alliance to those opposed on nuclear production in the domestic arena are established to facilitate the development of a political environment where public education are undertaken pertaining to the impact of nuclear production in their very own community and how these affect its neighboring countries as well. Using praxis as evidences to produce accurate, realistic, and practical analyses from all-source fusion will be ideal, albeit acknowledging the limits of information collection in areas where they are somewhat impaired or where evidences do not exists. Their goals, within these processes, must be analytic in approach and needs to be pliant to unique circumstances and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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