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Victim Advocacy - Essay Example

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Victim Advocacy Instructor: Victim Advocacy In the past, Crime victims were involved directly with the justice system meaning that it was their responsibility to prosecute the offender. Many victims of crime are not conversant with the justice system, due to language barriers, recent immigration, or even ignorance…
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Victim Advocacy
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Download file to see previous pages Victim Advocacy involves the arguing or pleading in favour of a case. It is giving active support and promoting the victims’ interests, defend and uphold them as right or valid. Victim advocates focus on promoting victims’ rights and needs, and making sure that their opinions are considered during the drafting of policy and legislation affecting them (Ido Foundation, 2012). Being United States’ leading advocacy and resource organization for crime victims, the National Center for Victims of Crime helps many victims: understand their options and legal rights; overcome trauma caused by crime; access victim emergency and compensation assistance; device safety plans; and locate appropriate services locally (The National Centre for Victims of Crime, 2012). ‘The National Center for Victims of Crime’ advocates for the rights of victims, serves as an information source on issues of victims, and gives professional training to people who interact with the victims (Womens, nd). Its vision was inspired by a family tragedy: Alexander Auersperg and Ala Isham started the Center in 1985, originally as the Sunny Von Bulow National Victim Advocacy Center. They were motivated by the victimization of their mother and the traumatic experience the family endured with the justice system. ...
It secures resources for crime victims by committing to the increase of crime victims’ federal funding and ensuring that state sources of funding are protected. It has expanded and strengthened the rights of crime victims in the juvenile, criminal, administrative, and civil justice systems. It promotes discussions about underserved and emerging crime victims’ issues. The Center values training and education as mechanisms for improving the treatment and understanding of crime victims. Programs and training activities have been developed by the center to act as a resource for professionals who represent the perspectives of the victims, develop services, foster for change, and raise awareness (The National Centre for Victims of Crime, 2012). The National Center for Victims of Crime holds topic-specific and general conferences to emphasize on the multidisciplinary idea of current research sharing practices, and the effective policies and programs which are research-informed, evidence-based, and victim-centered. These conferences act as victim service forums for policymakers, professionals in criminal justice, researchers, and allied practitioners to build collaborations and share developments. The center also has a DNA Resource Center which acts as a source for information, technical assistance, and training about DNA use in the justice system. Its mandate is to help professionals of criminal justice and victim service to understand DNA databases, forensic DNA, and nurse examiners’ roles in helping DNA exonerations survivors. This project has a role of ensuring that allied professionals and victim service have up-to-date and accurate information in order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Victim Advocacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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