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Freeman vs. Quicken Loans, Inc - Essay Example

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Name Professor Course Date Freeman v. Quicken Loans, Inc. The case relates to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures (RESPA) which entailing regulations that guide purchase and sale of real estates. In this case, persons paid discount fees on their mortgages…
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Freeman vs. Quicken Loans, Inc
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Download file to see previous pages RESPA’s aim is to forbid any split of offending fees between corporations in the absence of unearned fees by the beneficiary. After Freeman and other couples lost the case in the state court, they proceeded to the Supreme Court claiming that the fees imposed on them were unearned. Recently, the Supreme Court decided that the plaintiff had to indicate the existence of a split between two or several persons for the purpose of a settlement associated with violation of the RESPA act. While making a decision, the court made various aspects of section 8(b) clear (Freeman v. Quicken Loans 5). There was a clarification on the difference between free-sharing and the user transaction. In the process, the court denied the definition regarding a consumer as a person capable of awarding “a split or percentage.” The issue that section 8(b) should not hold an interpretation needing fee splitting faced objection from the court. The decision by the court had various implications: that there may be future misinterpretations of the part (8b), and the queries regarding the suitability of the section in dealing with the settlement of matters such as credit report prices (Freeman v. Quicken Loans 7). Works Cited Freeman v. Quicken Loans. 566. U.S. Supreme Court. 24th May 2012. Print. Blueford v. Arkansas The case involves the charging of Blueford in the Arkansas Supreme Court. The court blamed the accused for the death of a child. Accusations entailed manslaughter, murder and negligent homicide. The court had required the jury to consider three aspects of capital murder, manslaughter and negligent homicide lest doubts existed. The jury could not reach a decision, so the court affirmed a mistrial (Blueford v. Arkansas 3). The courts attempt to perform another trial for Blueford who received resistance regarding the trial as a dual jeopardy. The conduct of the court to declare the suit a mistrial was not right. The argument by the defendant indicated that in the event of the jury’s failure to decide the suit, the court had a responsibility of providing a succinct decision on the issue. Arkansas law provides that the jury had to charge the defendant on both or a single felony (Blueford v. Arkansas 6). The jury failed to convict the accused of any crime; they failed to acquit him. The dual jeopardy phrase does not allow a second trial if the acquaintance of the individual existed. The clause on double jeopardy requires the questioning of the jury’s conduct. The jury failed to make convictions based on capital and first degree murder although there was a chance for the decision. Retrial faced challenges because of the possibility of defeat by the defendant. The failure to make a correct decision was due to delusion of the Arkansas law. The reaching of a mistrial was a mistake from the judge. At first, he thought the jury would come to succinct decision (Blueford v. Arkansas 6). Works Cited Blueford v. Arkansas. 566. U.S. Supreme Court. 24th May 2012. Print. Holder v. Martinez Gutierrez The US Constitution allows the attorney general to perform a cancellation of the elimination of an immigrant from the country. The immigrant must be subject to a condition of permanent residence for about five years. The person must have resided for a period of 7 years after entrance. The case involves the issue of Martinez’ immigration where he entered the state illegally. His father had followed required procedures and became admitted as an LPR. However, Martinez did not attain ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Freeman Vs. Quicken Loans, Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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