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Police and Society Assignment - Essay Example

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POLICE AND SOCIETY ASSIGNMENT Name Institution Question 3 Police corruption is ‘the misuse of authority by a police officer in a manner designed to produce personal gain for the officer or for others” (Per Goldstein (1977) Policing in a Free Society). Critically discuss the principles of police ethics and the methods of accountability that can be used to identify and deter police corruption…
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Police and Society Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Lately, in London, disgraces revolved around police involvement in and disbursements from organized crime, especially in drug squads and obscene publication squads. Other scandals include beating up of suspects, perjury, and tampering with confessional evidence. The Metropolitan Service recently investigated cases, which have brought in more attention to officers, mostly in specialized squads, benefiting from their position, such as through theft of money, protection of criminals, and the resale of detained drugs (Lesage, 2005). An increase in recognition of the prevalent nature of police corruption has resulted in significant developments in Wales and England. Task forces are being put in place to create good practice guidance in preventing corruption by the police. At a force level, corruption concerns and their professional standards have resulted in institution of ‘professional stands units’ in most of the police forces in Wales and England, which are dedicated to investigating and identifying corruption, misconduct, fraud, domestic violence, racist, sexist, or homophobic behavior, spurious claims of sickness to be granted a sick leave, and criminality among police staff. Principles of Police ethics and methods of accountability to deter police corruption Promoting an ethical culture “Policing by example” is one of the police strategies that have been incorporated in West Midlands, and involves various themes to set high standards of behavior in professional practices and in dealing with the public. It emphasizes high standards in the workplace and the significance of leadership. This ensures that harassment and other victimization forms are not tolerated, including the protection of policemen who report unethical actions among colleagues. “Policing by example” is an idea that can be promoted in other parts of the UK through glossy documents distributed in major police forces and training intended to raise awareness and guidance to challenge unacceptable behavior. There should be developments in political and public culture of civil liberties and individual rights in the UK to encourage more open public criticism on ethics of the police, especially in relation to minorities. Groups and communities should be organized to represent those who can rally community opinion and criticize police practice, which is in support of more external and legal regulation. It is logical to assume that this principle towards special interest group alarm about civil or legal rights and minority claims will increase open support for more aggressive governance and civil regulation of the police. Consequently, the government will be forced to put in place these new and more aggressive national demands for police accountability. The new Police accountability Basing on a neo-liberal critique of traditional management and government of the police, new philosophies and internal self-governance forms are being proposed. The entire political governance of the police is shifting away from the old models of reactive accountability that depend on the application of hierarchical, external legal rules, central regulations, and discipline that is punishment-centered. This traditional model of public review or accountability has failed to provide effective police accountabi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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