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Criminology: Cyber Crime - Research Paper Example

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Institution Date Criminology: Cyber Crime Introduction The invention and introduction of computer technology presented great advantages that made it receive warm welcome and appreciation from all corners of the world. Computer technologies have actually led to simplification of lifestyles considering its quick manner of solving problems and tasks…
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Criminology: Cyber Crime
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Extract of sample "Criminology: Cyber Crime"

Download file to see previous pages Increasing technological knowhow about computer and its systems have witnessed simultaneous increase in criminal activities carried through computers. Cyber crime has been the rightful term to define and explain the nature of the criminal activities performed by use of computers. Douglas et al define cyber crime as computer mediated activities which are either illegal or considered illicit by certain parties and which can be conducted through the global electronic network (3). Committing cyber crime requires the use of computer devices and with the help of network connectivity, which transmits the intended malicious deed to the other remote computer system. Simple computer crimes are possible through corruption of one’s computer system without necessarily involving the use of network connectivity. Internet or network connection becomes of great use when committing crime from a remote location (Pati). In fact, increasing innovation of network resources is one factor regarded to contribute to the complex nature of the cyber crime in the contemporary world. Cyber crime takes different and various forms, and continues to change with advancement and advent in new technologies. Continued development and integration of computer technology alongside changing techniques of cyber crime have proved difficult for cyber crime detectives and investigators to stop cyber crimes. Forms of Cyber crime As mentioned earlier, cyber crimes assume various forms and means that are all destructive to individual information system. The commonly known forms of cyber crime include and not limited to hacking, software piracy, child pornography, cyber stalking, and virus dissemination, fraud of credit cards, phishing, net exhortation and service denial attack. Software piracy involves illegal copying of original software programs from the internet and preparing it for redistribution as your own. Individual criminals engage and perfects software piracy without the knowledge and assent of the particular copyright holder. Virus dissemination form of cyber crime involves use of integrated software to attach and set malicious files and programs like the Trojan horse, rabbit, and time bomb among others to another person’s computer system. The viruses usually corrupt and crash the victim computer thereby leading to loss of critical data and files stored in the particular computer system. Denial of service constitutes malicious actions by the individual cyber criminal of flooding the network bandwidth of an individual victim and deprives the latter access to important details and materials in the network. Service denial attack may also involve filling the email of an individual victim with spam mail and thus inhibiting the victim from accessing the crucial services and information he/she is entitled. The most commonly known types of software used in service denial attack include the teardrop attacks and the ping of death, which exploit and paralyze the TCP/IP of the victim computer system. Another form of cyber crime is cyber stalking. Cyber stalking involves the use of internet, electronic communication devices and email to harass, threaten and make repeated insults to the individual victim. In the observation of Kumar, acts of stalking may involve threatening phone call, electronic messages, that in most cases prior physical harm on the individual victim (2). For cyber stalking to be effective, individual criminal needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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