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The Project and the Risks that Might Affect Them - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes one of the major aspects of project financing is understanding the reason for project financing, preparing the financial plan, determining the risks of the project, designing the project, and sourcing the required finance for the completion of the project…
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The Project and the Risks that Might Affect Them
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Download file to see previous pages The concept of bankability refers to the consideration taken by a lender to determine whether a project is feasible and will repay the loan provided for its implementation. A project in finance is usually considered bankable if the major providers of funds are willing to lend to finance the project. Many projects are funded on a project finance consideration, where a special procedure is set to determine the estimated cash flows and determine whether the project is feasible. In terms of bankability, the project financier will assess the expected cash flows and duration of the project; assess the risks associated with the project to determine whether the project is a credible choice for financing. The financing for a project is usually repaid through the cash flows earned from a project, and a financier will always look to the assets and revenues of the project before extending a loan. In traditional forms of finance, the financier will consider the past credit performance of the borrower and determine the ability to repay a loan, but in project financing, the lender considers the ability of the project to repay its financing. The subject of the risk of the project is also important since the lender usually has no recourse to the project assets; therefore, the expected cash flows are used to repay the loan. This means that the credit risk associated with the borrower is of no consequence, instead, the risk associated with the project determines the amount and duration of the loan being extended. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bankability Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 Words.
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