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Trusts and Equity - Coursework Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: TRUSTS AND EQUITY COURSEWORK Q) The trust fund includes shares in a private company which manufactures luxury accessories and stationery products and the will contained a direction to the trustees not to sell those shares but to retain them…
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Trusts and Equity Coursework
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Extract of sample "Trusts and Equity"

Download file to see previous pages Trustees of Trust have many responsibilities in the exercising of their duties as a trustee. The areas that often posses most difficulties for trustees and is most often misinterpreted, in this area of investment. The Trustee Act 1956 followed an approach of a permitted legal list can be amended from time to time by the new categories if investment. However even though there are no restrictions on the type of investment the trustees can make. There is a general requirement that a trustee exercising any power of investment shall exercise the care, diligence and skill that a prudent person of business the affair of authors. Adam and Beth should consider to take the investment idea that investment advisor have proposed to them. They can invest in stock exchange in order to reduce the risk for losing a lot of money in their investment. The act allows the trustees to invest in any asset as if they were absolutely entitled. The power to invest can be overridden or amended by any investment powers in the trust deed. Typically, these allow trustees to invest in a wide range of investment such as life assurance products, deposits and shares. When selecting investment like investing in shares, the trustees are required to regard the standard vestment criteria that the investment should be suitable and diversified. In order to meet the requirement of the Trustee amendment Act, it is strongly recommended that trustee should work with qualified financial planner who has experience in trustee investment. It should be noted that the investment strategy applied to the trust assets like those shares that Adam and Beth have in that private company can be significantly different than that for an individual. This is because a trust can have different classes of beneficiaries such as income beneficiaries and capital beneficiaries. Modern trusts tend to be fully discretionary trust which will require the trustees to carefully balance all the interest of their beneficiaries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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