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Con Side of Christian Science - Essay Example

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Date Instructor Con side of Christian Science Christian Science has been perceived as a misinformed subject by those practicing it since the religious beliefs being practiced have been overemphasized. This is attributed to the fact that certain beliefs are being practiced due to a misunderstanding of the right aspects that have to be adhered to…
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Con Side of Christian Science
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Download file to see previous pages Over the past years, the fundamentalist faith healing practices have grown tremendously to the extent that it has raised serious concerns about its legal basis and for how long it can be tolerated. This can only be considered to be a sect that is illegal. It is considered to be primitive Christianity one which rejects modern scientific inquiry since it emphasizes on the idea that spiritual healing has to be understood in a scientific manner. According to the medical societies, those practicing Christian Science were liable to prosecution through the medical quackery laws (Young 268). This would help transform the bogus medical practitioners into trained and licensed practitioners. To the practitioners, it was through tolerance and faith that one would get healed. It was evident that the numbers of deaths were rapidly rising and this was attributed to the fact that most people were ignoring medical attention and preferred Christian Science. In 1989, a four year old boy named Morris contracted a mysterious disease which led to a respiratory infection. By then, his parents were members of the followers of Christ church. According to his parents, true Christians were not expected to turn to medicine when they fell sick. They therefore decided to turn to prayers for their son believing that he would be healed. They bought and anointed him with the holy oil and went ahead to pray for him for 46 days but during this period, his condition continued to deteriorate. The boy did not survive but died after 47 days (Young 269). A medical examiner said that the boy needed basic anti biotic and he would be fine. From the medical examiner, this was the worst case he had experienced from the Christian scientists and to him the parents were liable to a criminal act and they were to be subjected to legal justification. The fact that the parents were religiously motivated made the child a victim of traditional abuse just like the children who die of treatable illness. They could be subjected to criminal law as this was not right as the parents had failed to undertake an affirmative defense on their child who was still dependent on them for their care. This has indicated that children die unnecessarily due to such ignorance. The survival rates were low for children and this was a negative show for the survival of children as it had been threatened. They can be accused of murder since their son was still too young to seek medical attention on his own. This is feared t become a threat with time as more fatalities that are as a result of Christian Science are still being reported. This relates to another scenario where AIDS patients are only prayed for and not taken to hospital in Christ the king church. According to the church it is only through Jesus that we can receive true healing and therefore going to the hospital to seek medication is an indication that you worship the doctors and not the church. Most transmissions of the disease were as a result of injections and heterosexual intercourse. Culture plays a major role in what members of society do and it will definitely shape their attitude towards various aspects including HIV (Young 270). As for politicians, they have come up with campaigns against the disease where they employ people to create awareness on the disease and how they can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Con Side of Christian Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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