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Marijuana Legalization Marijuana is the term used to refer to the dried form of a hemp plant called Cannabis Sativa, including its stems, seeds, flowers and leaves. “Marijuana is a drug that comes from the hemp plant and can be smoked or eaten” (Millhorn et al., 2009)…
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Marijuana Legalization Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Although, Marijuana was maximally consumed for recreational purposes, when its medicinal properties were discovered, it started to be used for therapeutic purposes as well. Certain components of Marijuana like THC, cannabinoids, etc., are proven to treat or even lessen the complications arising out of various diseases and health problems. Because of these beneficial properties, there are calls to legalize Marijuana for medicinal purposes, so the needy patients can get access to it without any hassles. Currently, it is illegal to possess and consume Marijuana (with only few states giving exceptions) and so the authorities are implementing extensive and tough measures to impede its movement. These measures are resulting in high costs for the government, and quite contrastingly, certain studies showed that controlling measures are in-turn leading to more crimes, thus validating the need for legalization. When the purpose or use of Marijuana is viewed from an opposite perspective, it provides a slightly negative picture. That is, consumption of Marijuana could cause even more serious health problems for the users (more that its’ therapeutic purposes), thus raising calls against legalization. ...
However, as the cons against legalization can be managed, this paper after discussing both sides of the legalization argument, will favor legalization of Marijuana. Pros for Legalization Marijuana has been used, as part of medicinal practice, from early centuries and it was only around 1850's, it was embraced by the Western medical practitioners. (Millhorn et al., 2009). It was part of the United States' pharmacopoeia as one of the prescription drugs till 1941, treating both minor as well as major complications. However, with the passing of the Marijuana Tax Act in 1930s, the practitioners were impeded from prescribing it. (Gunnlaugsson & Galliher, 2010). In the present context, although there are severe restrictions in the use of Marijuana for medical purposes, various studies are going on, which proves the efficacy of it against many health complications, thus necessitating the legalization of it. The medicinal value of Marijuana particularly its components THC and cannabinoids can help in the treatment of various diseases and also the complications arising out of those diseases. “An alternative literature suggests that cannabis may have medicinal value for addressing a wide range of various medical diseases, though smoked product may be harmful, the active ingredients in cannabis, most notably THC/dronabinol may have medicinal value” (Johnson et al., 2008). Even if it is not able to fully treat the diseases, Marijuana can play an effective role in minimizing the physical pain and other complications that are associated with those diseases. Marijuana's main medical application is as a pain reliever. “The use of marijuana relieves pain, which results from side effects of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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