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Why Nevada Should Follow Colorado's Model for Marijuana Legalization - Research Paper Example

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The decision by Colorado voters to legalize marijuana fully should be followed to Nevada voters in a bid to legalize the full use of the herb for both medicinal and recreational purposes. While few states like Colorado and California have had full legalization of marijuana use…
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Why Nevada Should Follow Colorados Model for Marijuana Legalization
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Extract of sample "Why Nevada Should Follow Colorado's Model for Marijuana Legalization"

Download file to see previous pages ubsequent legalization of the use of the herb has been a topic under heated controversy in Nevada as more pro-marijuana groups organize the movement of advocate for legalized marijuana use for not only the medical use but also for recreational use for adults above twenty one years. The legalization of marijuana is advocated for due to the benefits that are enjoyed by states such as Colorado that have already legalized fully the use and possession of marijuana. Legalization of marijuana in Nevada will lead to a positive impact in the state socially, economically and medically. The major arguments supporting the legalization movement is based on the improvement of the medical application, reduction in crime, economic benefits, revenue on the government, and saving the budgetary costs of institutions such as correctional facilities, rehabilitation and the judiciary. Colorado and Washington were the pioneer states of legalizing marijuana and in 2016, Nevada is expected to follow suit as various complains are underway for the coming year of reforms.
Full Legalization of marijuana will help Nevada to explore the many health and medicinal uses of marijuana. In Nevada, medical application of marijuana has been decriminalized although mostly regulated. Fully legalization of marijuana will lead to medical exploration of all the potential used of marijuana in the treatment of various diseases and health conditions. The successful use of marijuana and the rationale for is legalization is due to the fact that it is safe for human use especially where controlled for medical use. The herb has minimal toxicity thereby presenting no threat of lethal overdose. As such, the patient’s health is secured with no reported cases of end-organ failure or the need for routine laboratory monitoring. First, the herb has great therapeutic benefits. When applied in patients with certain psychiatric conditions, they enhance therapeutic effects on the patient by producing anti-inflammatory, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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