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This essay Hague Visby Rules talks that earlier the method most commonly and most frequently used by the traders was to ship their goods through ships. To seal the deal they usually had a signed document as an evidence of their deal, this deal is known as the bill of ladings…
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Hague Visby Rules
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Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that Hague Rules was limited under the influence of the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 1924 it also included the bills of lading that were issued, it was applied only to the cargo that were outbound from UK. It was not applicable to other voyages. The Hague-Visby rules were applicable to the international voyages as well. It contained an addendum that was in reference with international voyages. It accounted for the trade between international coasts. It also contained legitimate details, which had rules and regulations which accounted for the rights and an international contract related to the operations on international coasts as well.
This paper declares that the rules were made as the word of law and therefore, any document that contained the postulates laid down in respect with the trade that was being carried out between two companies and was signed with the above terms present on the paper, the paper would be treated as the bill of laden and the parties held liable for the rules laid down. Those laid down rules would be governing the relations between the parties and had to be followed by the parties in any case. The rules were negotiable if the postulate related to negotiations was laid down in the contract, the rules could also be negotiated if both the parties were willing to negotiate it. It need not be a formal document, but if any paper that had suggested rules and signs of both the parties then it would be considered as a bill of lading no matter what. (SCARRY, 2010). It was also very clearly mentioned that the contracting states should be mentioned so that there are no conflicts or claims related to the parties. There was another differentiating factor between The Hague and The Hague-Visby rules. It was on the limitation of the liability. The limitation of liability in The Hague rule was 100 pound per package, and there was another additional clause to it that the compensation was of gold value. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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