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Differences in Insurance Policies Between American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines - Research Paper Example

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Differences in Insurance Policies between American Airline, Delta Airline and United Airline Name Institution Course Instructor Date Abstract To secure properties and lives, air travel companies have established insurance policies which serve as agreements for compensation in case of a loss…
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Differences in Insurance Policies Between American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines
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Download file to see previous pages In reciprocation, the insurance companies are expected to compensate for damages to the insured. The insurance policies are for meeting certain well defined purposes and have very complicated features and conditions which should be well understood by the person taking insurance cover. In airline transportation, there are various insurance policies which are available to protect the travelers as well as their properties. Nevertheless, difference airline companies have different policies to their customers. Differences in Insurance Policies between American Airline, Delta Airline and United Airline Introduction The airline insurance policies are also referred to as aviation insurance policies. They are insurance policies or insurance covers aimed at enhancing operations in the aircraft as well as protection of the possible risks that accompanies the aviation activities (Lesley and Karl, 2007). There are laws which govern and regulate the policies in the airline operations. The airline policies are always distinct from other protection policies. They are enriched with airline and aviation ideologies, limitation, clauses, and terminologies. The airline companies have several insurance covers to their customers. The policies are identified and defined depending on the frequency of risk in the past. The cost depends on the departure and destination terminals of the customer, the implication of the insured risk, and the distance to be covered by the customer (Lesley and Karl, 2007). The time of travel is also another factor which is important in deciding on the premium to the policy. The luggage’s commuted through airlines are also insured against destruction or loss. Various airline companies have different insurance policies to their customers and also differences protocol for claiming the compensation. The differences are as a result of competition in the airline transportation sector (Lesley and Karl, 2007). The essay below will address various insurance policies to the customer among American airline, Delta airline and United America airline and the liabilities covered. American Airline insurance cover The company insures the customers who are traveling through the policy called the travel insurance policy. It’s a unique combination of insurance benefits that insures the customer when they are away from home (Lesley and Karl, 2007). The cost of the policy varies depending on the cost and the length of the trip, the customer’s age, and health. The company charges between 5% and 10% of the total vacation cost. The company responsible of granting the insurance policies on behalf of the American airline company is Allianz global assistance (Lesley and Karl, 2007). The travel insurance policy also ensures that, the America airline customers’ valuable products are protected from unexpected circumstances through the liability of baggage protection. Some of the unpredicted situation that the insurances policy covers entails; bad weather which can destroy the good in transit, job loss before the return journey, and illness within the vocational period. The liabilities covered by the America airline for its customer under the following insurance policy include strip cancellation liability, trip interruption, baggage’s liabilities, emergency medical transportation, emergency medical and dental liabilities, and loss and damages liabilities (Lesley and Karl, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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