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Juvenile Justice Cases - Assignment Example

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American society can be said to be rich in culture, history and tradition. We owe the nation the duty to ensure preservation of these moral attributes without fail. However, preservation of these values should be done by both the young and old generation. …
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Juvenile Justice Cases
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Download file to see previous pages The future lies with the children hence, today’s laws subject them to various systems different from the adults’. It is necessary to mention that today’s child has not had enough chance at her disposal leading to marginal changes in the traditional roles that children play in several parts of this state. Most of them have actually adapted to the common proverbial silver-spoon which had an unimaginable meaning in the uneconomical era. Some are fortunate enough to have the necessities of a life while others face controversial and diverse problems. Some of the problems might be a direct effect of increasing strength of the economy; something that has substantially reduced the responsible behavior expectations during childhood. Most irresponsible children behavior is a result of inadequate attention from preoccupied parents who leave their children with the responsibility of taking care of themselves when they return home from school (John, 2007).
Question 1 A& B:
Although it might be a little easier to jump into conclusion and think that the 15-year old would be thrown to jail and manhandled, it is crucial to point out that the justice system came up with a system that aims at, not only committing itself to the restoration and protection philosophy but also provides diverse opportunities for diversion and emphasizing on the rehabilitation process other than mere punishment hence Mrs. I should not be worried due to several ways used to deal with that issue without necessarily having the little boy harassed.
The punishment principle states that there can never be an occurrence of a crime in a situation where lawful punishment specifications do not exist. For example, Larceny would never be considered a criminal offence if a clearly defined law against that does not exist. The law of the land cannot simply state that, ‘stealing is illegal’. Criminal punishment should be clearly specified in order to ensure that there is lawful imposition of sanctions when an individual if found guilty. In this case, the boy would be found in possession of a car that was stolen, driving without a license and even crushing the car. This may be a hard case to handle as the defendant had been found with (not just one) three offences to answer for. However, there might still be hope. He might escape a harsh punishment but must be subjected to other means of correcting his behavior (Davenport, 2009). One thing that must be put into consideration is whether or not Mrs. I could be willing to take responsibility of seeing to it that the future of this little boy is bright through economic means and absolute mentorship programs. That is the most lenient option adopted by a court of law in implementing justice as a means of reversing the juvenile delinquency’s negative trend. A relatively strong program of diversion relevantly impacts recidivism and delinquents. As a replacement of juvenile court, sentencing and prosecution, there had to be an implementation of diversion programs. Another significant point is whether or not ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Juvenile Justice Cases Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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