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Crime Analysis in the State of NY and California - Term Paper Example

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The paper contains definitions and punishments for the different crimes stated in the matrix, which show that the NY State and California substantially vary in their statutes. It is found that the states have substantial reasons to state different reasons or definitions for different crimes. …
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Crime Analysis in the State of NY and California
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, mayhem could be a combined assault or battery with exceedingly high deprivation of an individual to defend or fight for his or her life (Indermaur & Bennett, 1997). Therefore, these three crimes could be defined based on the following classifications: degree of physical harm, the intensity of crime committed, and the intensity of violence. Of all three of them, what is substantially less graphic is the assault. There is just an attempt to do physical harm in the assault, while in battery and mayhem; there is a remarkable and actual physical contact. On the other hand, mayhem is significantly most remarkable when it comes to the degree of physical harm because it could be combined assault or battery, however, there is an inclusion of disabling an individual to fight or defend one’s self. ...
Finally, all these three crimes are considered violent, but sometimes assault cannot be significantly categorized as one due to the absence of physical evidence. Assault, however, may potentially result in psychological trauma and this could be remarkably used as evidence to recognize it as a violent crime based on the physical evidence. It is not hard to prove physical evidence from the battery because of the remarkable indication of violence. There can be actual inclusion of physical harm in battery and this evidence could be used to recognize the intensity of violence committed. Finally, mayhem may be potentially considered as highly violent due to a remarkable high level of physical evidence even to the point that it may cause the victim’s death. Classification Kidnapping False imprisonment Offense against a person’s liberty or freedom Remarkable (Bacigal, 2008) Remarkable (Bacigal, 2008) Physical movement A requirement (Bacigal, 2008) Not a requirement (Bacigal, 2008) Kidnapping and false imprisonment are all crimes committed against a person’s liberty or freedom.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Crime Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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