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The Royal Prerogative is a feature of the UK Constitution in need of radical reform - Essay Example

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The Royal Prerogative is a feature of the UK Constitution in need of radical reform (Name) (University) (Course) (Tutor) (Date) Introduction The constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom forms the foundation of the governance of the country. The United Kingdom is based on constitutional hierarchy has been divided into the House of Commons (parliament) and the monarchy…
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The Royal Prerogative is a feature of the UK Constitution in need of radical reform
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Extract of sample "The Royal Prerogative is a feature of the UK Constitution in need of radical reform"

Download file to see previous pages Analysis The exercise of the royal prerogative powers has been curtailed. These days, there has been clear demarcation of powers that has been have been delegated to both the prime minister and the crown, though much of these powers are exercisable by the prime minster. However, leaving bit of these powers in the hands of the crown has little or no effect, to such an extent that it does not make sense having these powers vested in the crown1. It is important for the people of the United Kingdom to realize that times have changed, and circumstances are different. The needs that led to bestowing such powers to the crown have now become non-existent. This leaves the royalty as a toothless bulldog that can no longer bite. In order for the United Kingdom to fully deliberate itself from the shackles of history, the royalty’s expansive powers should be fully relegated to parliament and only act as a ceremonial organ2. The monarch’s constitutional presence should no longer be a reason for debate among the intellectuals. The independence of the judiciary is achieved by ensuring that the judiciary does not act as a mouth piece of the executive. In the past, the exercise of such powers has failed to reflect the wishes of the larger interest of the people of United Kingdom, rather has been used as a tool for the monarchy to meet its personal ends3. The judiciary, on the other hand was ripped off its independences it could not question the exercise of such powers of the royalty. These tainted and undermined the performance of the judiciary. Thus, the judiciary should be guaranteed protection from the crown in order to be act without fear or favour4. The power to deal in matters of foreign affairs should be retrieved from the hands of the crown and be left with the legislature , who are in a better position to enact laws that protects the sovereignty of the united kingdom and its people and to also promote the good neighbourliness with other countries. It also advocates for better and efficient interdependence, in cases where the countries involved come in to form a major economic block5. Historically, the legislature was also at the hands of the crown and has not fully barred the monarch from exercising these powers as she still has the sole mandate to appoint the prime minster6. This greatly affects the powers and functions of the prime minster, as he or she has to act in bias, of the crown who appointed him. The prime minister then becomes a puppet for the monarch to act according to the whims of the monarch. The result is that the entire legislature is tailored to meet the desires of the crown at the expense of the interest of the citizens of the United Kingdom7. The legislature should therefore be freed from the chains of the crown, and equipping it through laws, to be able to run its affairs and make its appointment without any interference from the monarch. The bills that also come before parliament will be focusing on the larger interest of the people of the United Kingdom rather than a smaller minority which is the crown8. The ancient practice invoking the United Kingdom to be ruled according to divine rights of kings has caused the United Kingdom to lag behind from attaining democracy for its people. The prerogative power of the monarch has often been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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