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Links Between Criminality and Psysical Body Type - Term Paper Example

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Links between criminality and physical body type Abstract Criminality is growing day by day everywhere in the world because of various reasons. Psychologists, sociologists and philosophers have different opinions about the reasons of criminal behavior. According to some anthropologists, body type has strong associations with the character of a person…
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Links Between Criminality and Psysical Body Type
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Download file to see previous pages Links between criminality and physical body type Criminality was explained purely in moral and physical terms a couple of centuries before. However, in during the latter part of nineteenth century, criminologists, sociologists and psychologists started to develop more comprehensive theories with respect to criminality. The connection of physiology or physical body type with criminality was first proposed by Italian anthropologist Cesare Lomboso in 1876. “Lombroso started a tradition of physiological theories of criminality. These have in common a focus on the person’s physical form as a marker of criminality”(Sammons, n.d., p.1). Lomboso argued that criminals can be identified or distinguished from a mass population if we analyze the body shapes of people. In his opinion, strong jaws and heavy brows are signs of aggressiveness. Even though Cesare Lomboso’s theories were taken as a joke by many people initially, later his theories started to catch the attention of the people. According to modern researches, there are certain people with a particular body type who show more aggressive behaviors than others. “Lomboso suggested that different types of criminal had different features, so murderers had bloodshot eyes and curly hair, whilst sex offenders had thick lips and protruding ears” (Sammons, n.d., p.1). ...
Lomboso believed that people with thick lip may show more sexual desire than other people because of their genetic peculiarities. Sheldon (1949) distinguished between three basic types of bodily build: ectomorph (thin), endomorph (fat) and mesomorph (muscular). Sheldon believed that bodily build was linked to personality and temperament so ectomorphs were solitary and restrained, endomorphs relaxed and hedonistic and mesomorphs energetic and adventurous (Sammons, n.d., p.1). Sheldon described the characteristics of different body types as follows: “Endomorphs- rounder, relaxed comfortable, extroverted; Mesomorphs- muscular, active, assertive, lust for power; Ectomorphs- lean, thin, introverted, overly sensitive, love privacy” (Regoli & Hewitt, 2008, p.93). Endomorphs are people with normal body structure. They don’t have any complaints about their body shape or appearance. Therefore they will behave normally in the society. These people would like to engage in more socializing activities because of their lack of concerns about their appearances. On the other hand, ectomorphs are not much satisfied with their physical appearances. They will always like to stay away from the eyes of the society because of their inferiority feeling in appearances. On the other hand, mesomorphs have strong body and they are proud of their body shape and strength. Over confidence about body shapes and physical strength may force mesomorphs to increase their dominating mentality towards others. They consider themselves as privileged people and all others as second class citizens. People with muscular body will definitely have more confidence in their physical abilities than other people. Genetically, all people like to dominate others. However, intelligence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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