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Link Between Biology and Criminology - Research Paper Example

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Link between Biology and Criminology Criminology involves studies on criminal behavior and it can broadly be classified into old and new school of thought. Unlike the new school of thought, the early school of thought relied on inheritance as the key factor required in explaining criminal behavior…
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Link Between Biology and Criminology
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Extract of sample "Link Between Biology and Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages This does not imply that criminologist should not rely on biology as a tool for explaining criminal behavior. Biology is a science that explains human physiology and therefore, it has a chance in human behavior, which incorporates criminology. Nature vs. Nature Most biological theories of criminology rely on hereditary factors as the main source of criminal behavior. Such theories associate social changes and human behavior on genes, which define the relationship between parents and their children. According to Earnest, there is a clear difference between evolution and genetics (2007). Genetics deals with hereditary traits that characterize an individual while evolution focus on the wider scope of changes taking place in the society due to interaction with the societal environment. On the other hand, criminologists focus on criminal behavior or factors that make people to have criminal minds. Evolution and genetic theories are critical elements that link biology and criminology. According to evolution theories, criminal behavior can be viewed as a form of adaptation. On the other hand, genetic theories associate the presence of an extra Y chromosome among male with crime and criminal activities. Biologists also rely on the formation of the skull to explain criminal behavior among people. The mental state of an individual is also another factor that biologist use to explain criminal behavior. ...
Most serial killers have been found to be quiet and introverted types of individuals. Mental abnormality or insanity that is responsible for criminal behavior cannot be detected through ordinary sanity tests such as the Durham and Brawner rules. There is concrete evidence that genes, which are encoded or defined by the DNA, determine certain traits such as skin color. Biologists have extended hereditary factors to include other abstract human traits such as aggression, sexual orientation, and personality. Nature vs. nature debate considers the existence of behavior genes, which influences people’s behaviors including criminality. Nature vs. nature debate is been ruled out as a source of criminal behavior for fear that people will use the theories to justify their criminality. The other controversial phenomenon related to the nature vs. nature debate is the dilemma of fraternal twins. According to the nature vs. nature debate, fraternal twins would have similar characteristics if environment does not play a role in shaping their behavior (Walsh, 2002). Thus, any pair of fraternal twins should have striking similarities in their behavior including their level of criminality. The hypothesis also suggests that twins would have similar behaviors despite having been brought up in different environmental and social conditions. However, this does not necessarily hold true since twins develop individual or personal behavior despite having closely related genetic factors. The fraternal twin phenomenon disqualifies the overall assumption of genes as the main factor that influences criminal behavior. This phenomenon forms the fundamental aspect of the nature vs. nature theory, which considers the environment as the main aspect that influences criminal behavior. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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